Monday, 31 December 2012

Highlights of the year 2012

2012 was an unbelievable year for a big dreamer like me. Even though everyday adventures in life have their highs and lows, 2012 was different for me; I took charge of what I wanted and only dreamt of. And to be honest it’s a pretty great feeling breaking out of your shell and leaving your comfort zone. I’ve learnt soo much about the Zimbabwe fashion industry in the past year all through my blog and from the awesome people who read it! I’ve been sharing quite alot of me and the Zimbabwe fashion on my blog but here are my top 10 highlights of 2012:

My blog-Signature Toscie
I started officially blogging in May with my then brand new grey scarf being the first post. I’ve always liked writing and reading not only about fashion but with also motivational and inspirational pieces that I like to share every now and then. My blog is a platform of all things Toscie (My nickname and who I’m) and the world around me (Fashion and Zimbabwe).

The Love and Support
I’ve received so much love and support for my blog from Zimbabweans as well as quite a few South Africans. The appreciation for my work cannot half express my gratitude. I’ve met so many people who enjoy what I do and who I can also say, enjoy my vision. It means so much to me especially for a simple and normal girl such as myself who wants to change the world one Gorgeousness at a time.

My undying love from Passport fashion stores will not die! I posted about this fab boutique 3 times (yes THREE!). And I had hoped they would award me with an awesome gift card. But nevertheless, I adore this store to bits; from the decor to the clothing to the atmosphere; I just love this store especially the Sam Levy branch. It’s my favourite.

I’m a big book geek so naturally school is important to me. I’m not a straight ‘A’ student, but I strive to do my best. In my second year now in university, got one more year to go and so far so good.

Mercy Mushaninga
Mercy Mushaninga is my modelling agent (yes, I’m a geeky model) who is also a great mentor. I’ve put her as one of my highlights because I took grooming lessons with her which really helped me to see myself in a different light and boost my confidence. And she’s also very nice.

My first fashion event of the year as a blogger. It was a Friday evening and I went from school to this event in two hours. I enjoyed it so much cause I got to meet celebrities (if I can say so myself), bloggers and designer Farai Simoyi herself. It was perfect because Passport boutique in Groombridge was hosting it as well as fashion magazine JEWEL ZIMBABWE and Catherine Ruze modelling agency.

Styled By Africa Pop Up Garden Party
The best Sunday afternoon shin-dig I’ve ever had. It was close to home with lots of beautiful people and awesome music. It was all for a great cause with local fashion as the theme. I had such a lovely time. And this was my second fashion event of the year!

I’ve always avidly admired magazines, their shinyness and pack of glossy pictures! So when I saw that JEWEL was looking for a Glam Squad, I thought perfect I will try this. I tried it and now I write for a local fashion magazine part time. My next mission is to raid their offices!

My grey blazer.
My grey blazer is no designer label piece but I love it anyway. It’s in a classy and stylish grey colour with leopard print lining, and I take it everywhere with me. I’ve posted it on my blog’s Facebook page soo many times. It s one of those pieces of clothing that defines you! So you overemphasize by wearing it. Gotta rock it.

My Photo shoot
I did my first model photo shoot early in December 2012 but I’ve decided to use the pictures for my blog. I’ll officially launch them in 2013 and I hope they will be lovely! Mercy Mushaninga was my director.

Here’s to a fabulous and great 2013 with lots of Fashion, Glamour and Gorgeousness. These highlights will forever mark my 2012. Here’s to awesome discoveries in 2013!

Stay Gorg and Glam

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  1. I love the authenticity of your blog and takes me back to the days I was back home. Real cool blog x