Friday, 7 December 2012

My JEWEL Articles

My FIRST official fashion magazine articles! I did it! I wrote a few social articles within my Lovely city; Harare and they got published in our local magazine JEWEL magazine Zimbabwe! << A DREAM COME TRUE! I have only dreamt of writing something awesome for a magazine especially fashion related. I had always told myself that one day I would intern for a magazine by writing or snapping some FAB pics. And even though my articles are small and don’t cover a full page, the fact that I have achieved my stepping stone goal is just beyond awesome for me. I actually didn’t know my little articles were published in JEWEL’s 12th issue, I actually found out through Lochnation on Sunday 2nd December on Twitter and Tatenda Robin of CJF on Monday on Facebook. They had seen my photo before I did! But I guess that’s because when the mag came out of publication I was in the middle of writing exams. But hey, I bought my issue on Wednesday!
In my heart I feel like this is the start of awesome things! Big things even.

I want to thank Mrs. Tsitsi Mutendi for such an opportunity (just saying that only makes me want to bring so much more to the table!). And also thank you to Lochnation and Tatenda Robin for the initial heads up!

Buy your 12th issue of JEWEL magazine Zimbabwe with Tinopona Katsande on the cover. Local Lovely Flavour.

Stay Gorg and Glam

Moi on the Contributor page. Cute!

My take on dinning out! Millers style

My little piece on decor from Cinnamon

Get your latest copy of JEWEL!!

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