Monday, 28 May 2012

Harare Store Review: Direct Passport To Fashion


During the past weekend, I took some time out with the fam and went by Sam Levy Village in Borrowdale. Whilst strolling around and doing some window shopping I stumbled upon a new clothing store by the name of “Passport”. It’s a fresh, elegant and exciting store with all the latest clothing trends and of course with a modern edge to the interior design. Their clothing is perfect for the modern woman whose a socialite on the go or a young striving entrepreneur-ness. The store is packed with chic stylish blazers (such as the off- cream blazer in the photo), plain and printed jeggings, sequined tops, leather jackets and the sleeveless fur coats (which is on trend right now for the winter). I absolutely love this store and is definitely an 8 out of 10 for me. I believe it’s a must for any GlamDoll such as myself, who loves a little sophistication to her look.

Stay Gorg and Glam. GD

Passport Store at Sam Levy Village

Live. Laugh. Love

Live. Laugh. Love. Are the 3 elements to life. My blog; GlamDoll Domination, focuses on all aspects, dimensions and divisions of fashion and media, something that I’m readily passionate about since I was a little girl. As a new blogger I want to share my creativity, my thoughts and my writings.

Recently I have discovered Live. Laugh. Love. These 3 words are a melodious echo to me; I choose to LIVE, I choose to LAUGH and I choose to LOVE. I choose to LIVE in the modern 21st century with valour and edge where fashion is untamed, uncaged and raw. Life is filled with sex and Rock n’ Roll with no hold bars and defining yourself is what YOU choose. I choose to live as a lady of my dignity and Glamour. I’ll conquer my day with my boho leather handbag, my signature accessory scarf and my God on the sleeve of my heart. LIVING life to grow and cherish memories.

I choose to LAUGH at and with life. The journeys I take, the mistakes I make and the memories I cherish. I laugh at my bad hair days and my once-offs deranged outfits. I laugh at my loud pompous attitude in situations that it may not fit to be necessary. I laugh at my embarrassing moments especially in the public arena. I laugh at my heartaches and heartbreaks, looking back now they’ve only made me stronger.

I choose to LOVE my nation, my family and my friends. I choose to love me! and my crazy wild antics on my media and everyday life. I love fashion, magazines and edgy glamour. Just the word Glamour is enough to define me. I bring an essence of lady edge and bohemian chic to my look, making it my fashion. J’adore le couture francais et le langue. I love being competitive, showing myself my ability and vigour. I LOVE putting my glam fist in the air and praise that I’m a woman made in God’s image.

Be Strong. Be Bold. Be Focused. GD

Friday, 18 May 2012

Fashion Friday

Today's Fashion Friday is this brand new stone grey scarf that i got a week ago. I've been rocking it all week with different looks and with different styles but i particularly loved it with my black jacket from Mr. Price and my brown shirt also Mr. Price. A perfect fall-autumn outfit. I love staying Gorg and Glam. GD