Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Do Denim Joggers (Part 3)

Do Denim Joggers (Part 3)

Last but certainly not least to the “Do Denim Joggers” series is this casual attire that has comfort written ALLOVER it! This ensemble is perfect for running errands on a dull day with the plimsolls and the tote. The turtleneck will keep you warm, whilst the headwrap is a stylish accessory to the entire look.

Jogger Denim – Great Gear (Noczim Building)
Black and Blue choker - Gifted
Black tote - Zara
Sunglasses - MRP Fashion
Denim Plimsolls - PEP South Africa
Headwrap - From my closet

The purpose of this whole series was to find a constructive way and budget friendly approach to wear denim joggers. Not only that, but as the writer I felt frustrated that I couldn't find lookbooks online or outfit posts on how to style denim joggers, so the best resolution was for me to create something for the blog. Not only that, but I also had a fun time experimenting with looks and potential ideas for the upcoming A/W season! I hope these series have inspired you in some way to work with denim joggers without wearing them once. Whether sporty, edgy, chic or just laid back; denim joggers can have the same effect that silk/drawstring joggers can do, but with just a different fabric texture.

For just a quick recap, here is a look back at the first two series HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Do Denim Joggers (Part 2)

This ensemble borderlines an African rendition with a contemporary twist. The print headwrap with the black and gold choker resemble the “African” rendition at the back of my mind. Whilst the vintage safari shirt stands out between an African outback experience or your modern recall of a vintage shirt; whichever suits your fancy. The contemporary twist lies in the pastel sunglasses, red heels, AndEdgy white stud clutch and the studded belt that provides the cinched-in waist.

Simplicity is KEY! and not much jewellery is required to state the obvious. I could see this look being the perfect excuse to edge up an evening with the girls or a fun outdoor-tsy event (minus the heels of course). Whichever way you interpret this look, one or two pieces can be removed to suit your persona, without compromising the construction it has to the jogger denim.

Vintage Safari Shirt – Vintage Thrift
Black and Gold woven choker – Bling Bling
White tank – SK2
Studded belt – From my sister’s closet
Jogger Denim – Great Gear (Noczim Building)
Red Heels – Wardrobe Mix
Sunglasses – Elle Magazine SA
White Stud Clutch – AndEdgy
Headwrap – From my closet

Stay Gorgeous! 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Do Denim Joggers

I will begin by saying I have thrown a lot of names around to describe this particular pair of denims. In the beginning the label was “Cuffed Denim”, and it worked quite well back then because at the time everyone was using that term. Then came along the “Elastic Cuff”, but this was just the generalized term we used at college. Only recently have I discovered that this denim tucked away strategically in my closet is actually a “Jogger Denim”! Amazed and a little bit embarrassed, I did my research to find the correct term to label them without having my head all over the place. Making the link between jogger sweatpants, leather joggers and denim joggers was an AHA moment made in my fashion diary.

You might remember these denims from 2012; they had a moment on the blog with a casual attire suited for that time. Fast forward to 2015 and they have been given a much more chic revival to suit. I have been consuming myself as of late into finding a way to style these particular joggers, and soon enough this post will spread over 3 looks and ideas centred around them. Part of the reason is to find combining ways to make the most out of old trendy clothes without chucking them away completely (especially in my case where they still fit).

Denim is always a stylish alternative for a casual attire or a dolled up look. The best part about denim is the classic fixture in which it carries without being outdated or scratched out completely.

Black Peplum Blazer – Jet Stores Zimbabwe
Silver Grey Bauble choker – Bling Bling
Black tank – Edgars Stores Zimbabwe
Black belt – Thrift store
Jogger Denim – Great Gear (Noczim Building)
Red Heels – Wardrobe Mix
Sunglasses – Elle Magazine SA
Lipgloss - Sleek Lipglass Rose

In other news, I have been closely monitoring the progress of my #NaturalHairMovement. It’s a bit tedious; with the combing of the afro and twist outs every evening, but I have found relief in detangler, olive oil and a blow dryer to keep my afro smooth and manageable. Head scarfs and Head wraps are my best friend to tie up my hair on bad hair days, and bonus points because it’s a chic style alternative.

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As Always, Stay Gorgeous!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Queen Of Hearts Café, Harare

Alice in Wonderland themed table setting for FBA ZIM Meet N' Greet, overlooking the entrance to the QOH cafe.

Located in the leafy suburb of Highlands, corner 1 Hurworth and Enterprise road, Harare. Queen of Hearts Café is a quaint little restaurant that offers an Espresso Bar (for the coffee lovers), Artisan Bakery (baked goodies and cake!), breakfast menu, lunch menu and an open air Wood fired Pizzeria just right outside. QOH opened their doors to the public sometime around the year 2012; I remember soo vividly the construction work around the premises as I would pass by back and forth on my trips to town. It was once an old abandoned little building just on the corner of Hurworth street.

Queen of Hearts has proved to be a fan favourite for a number of reasons. It has seriously become the best location for the Fashion Industry to host mixtures, get togethers, meet n’ greets and tea parties as the eatery is at the epicentre between town and Highlands, making it easily accessible and ultimately the best choice.

Top 5 Reasons to Love QOH
1. Probably the best feature about QOH is their super-fast Wi-Fi which is on some serious fiber connection. It’s super great to get some online work done and a bit of blogging for myself. Bonus points for the euphoria and just the vibe of working in a comfortable and cosy environment.

2. The open air green scenery with the fountain right in the middle makes for a warm pleasant welcoming. I honestly just want to sit under the trees, enjoy the fresh air with a glass of watermelon juice and just tap away!

3. I recently discovered the beauty of natural flavoured drinking water thanks to QOH (something which you could even make yourself at home). Choose a selection of mint, lemon or strawberries to be added to your glass of water for some aroma and flavour.

4. Although the price could arouse mixed feeling, QOH offers some delectable baked goodies, treats and cake for those with a sweet tooth. US$3.00 will set you back for a slice of cake and about US$6.00 will serve you with a plate full of waffles and cream (The Writer’s personal favourites). I am still to experiment with the selection of the menu, but when I do I will be sure to Instagram it to you!

5. Saving the best for last – as mentioned above QOH is easily accessible, even for those who rely on public transport. It’s right in the main road, so chances of getting lost are pretty slim to none. It is also situated very close to two adjacent bus stops, to and from town, so finding your way around isn’t a difficult task.

Some of Harare’s Fashion events have been hosted at QOH, with the recent 2015 line up of a Singles Sipper held on the 30th of January, an Artists Mix N’ Mingle that took place on the 17th of January and soon enough Quintessential F will have a Ladies Power Breakfast that will set one back US$5.00 for tea and snacks.

Where To Find Them
1 Hurworth Road, Cnr Enterprise, Highlands
Mobile: 0771 929 914 (Phillipa)
Facebook: queenofheartscafe&bakery

Divine Red Velvet cake! 
Check out "Meet the Industry - Fashion Networking" hosted by FWZ back in 2014 here, at the Queen of Hearts Cafe.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Nude Collection

The colour “Nude” is described as a shade that is a little darker than champagne, lighter than sand and perhaps with a hint of blush or peach –

According to the online colour finder,; “Nude” comes up as light beige in the description.

There is no one single term to describe the term “nude” in fashion, because the word is scattered around pale hues, flesh skin tones and neutral colour palettes, that cover an array of whites, pinks, yellows, beiges and browns (according to stylist David Zyla on
One thing for sure is that the colour “nude”, pretty much flatters any skin colour when it comes to both make up and clothing. That Nude appeal was the order of the day with this ensemble. I was inspired by the theme of my year, which is “in transitioning”. Part of which centres around a structured finish. I wanted to channel my best Coco Chanel/Effortless Chic look with a neutral colour palette from head to toe. For some reason, the serious librarian adage was popping in my head, which made me add the beige cardigan as a throw over. The finished look felt like a kick into Old Hollywood glamour with the peep toe heels and very minimal jewellery.

“Nudes are a soft whisper – a sexy and elegant whisper. Nude allows a woman to wear her dress instead of the dress wearing her”. – Pamella Roland, Fashion Designer

Outfit Details:
Beige Cardigan – Downtown store in Harare
Silk Blouse – Vintage thrift
Cream Pencil Skirt – Vintage thrift
Pink & Cream peep toes – Powersales Zimbabwe
Chain bracelet – Bling Bling
Pastel Sunglasses – ELLE Magazine SA Dec 2014

Freshly blooming Pink Roses and pink shoes where the order of the day!