Monday, 14 January 2013

That Signature Statement

In my school years I wasn't really the popular pretty girl who was always on trend with fashion and the latest looks, although I loved fashion, my look was somewhat a thing of my own for a quirky little geek. I had always admired my mother’s scarves and got inspired by Legally blonde and shiny magazines. I knew my trends but at times I wasn’t at par with them. But I will tell you this, I had a love for fashion in an original context! I experimented a lot with bold and crazy looks from my accessories to my clothing and creative hairstyles, and at some point I can safely say I was a somewhat trendsetter. I may have been the quite girl, but my quietness was no form of submission to shyness, just my own form of domination and context of original. My biggest statement in high school was my hair since I was always in a uniform, my hair was my best accessory. I also had a thing for bags and I actually didn’t have a backpack but a side bag (which was my Legally Blonde inspiration).
My point here is I had a signature statement one which I’ve carried on into my twenties. I wanted to be original and have a strong feature that defined ME! When you look up ‘Signature’ in the dictionary it goes as follows:
1.       The name of a person or a MARK or a sign representing his name
Signature Toscie is my distinctive look, my signature sparkle and my signature look. It is my character and I’ve chosen to share it. ST is that one thing that sets me off from the rest and makes me stand out. Hence Signature look is true style that you learn to make it your own without always following fashion. Case in point is Gwen Stefani; the musician and L.A.M.B designer always rocks her red lipstick and bleached blonde hair no matter what the occasion. That’s her Signature Style. Another Signature look is by Victoria Beckham who is always (always) in high heels whether on the football pitch or strutting on the sidewalk, you will find her in heels.
My case in point here is have a SIGNATURE YOU! Don’t always follow trends or follow celebrities because they’ve found their true inner self and they share it with the world. Yes, do take cues and inspirations from them especially for your body type but don’t die to become them but be inspired by them.
To have a Signature isn’t a lot of work or break your bank. A signature look/style can be in the form of a Signature fragrance (one that you always wear), your signature confidence, a Signature scarf, a signature hairstyle or a signature fashion era that you love to rock and relate to such as the 80s or 90s denim. Just be Fiercely Signature YOU! And you would be surprised how many people will be inspired by you.
This year in 2013, be a signature you. Have a Signature Statement that screams who you are no matter where you go. Have a bold trademark that people will never forget.
I love to be inspired and be inspired!
Be Gorgeous and Glamourous
Stay Gorg and Glam

Vogue USA's Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour has been rocking the same blonde bob for the last 30years making it her Signature Statement
Gwen Stefani is never caught dead without her Signature Red Lips.

Rihanna's best accessory over the years has been her hair. She switches it so often to match with the theme of her new albums.

VB is never caught dead without a pair of Christian Louboutin. Even on the streets.

Ashley Olsen is famous for her bohemian look with oversized clothing thats two sizes bigger than her size.

Take a cue from these fab celebrities and make your own Signature Sparkle. Mine is my growing Scarf Collection.


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    1. Yes you do. And remember to be true to yourself whilst your at it. :) <3