Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Local Lovely Flavour: Rufaro Doug Masundire

My Local Lovely Flavour (LLF) for the month of December is very dear to me and a sheer talent in my eyes. This month focus is on my good friend Rufaro Doug Masundire, a fashion extraordinaire in more ways than one! He is a male fashionista, fashion designer, blogger, model and a recently graduate theology student from Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa based in South Africa. Born in Zimbabwe and moved to Gaborone, Botswana at a tender age, Rufaro and myself went to primary school together in Gaborone (although I was 3 grades/standards ahead of him) and he was a good friend of my younger sisters’. Only recently have Rufaro and I become much closer through our love for fashion. He did his ordinary level education back home in Zim at MCC (Midlands Christian College) and after that moved to Joburg South Africa to further his studies in Theology and where he is now primarily settled.
He just recently established his new clothing label Sowannan Est 1986 in September 2012, which is my main focus for my LLF. It’s an interesting twist of tribal, modern yet sexy clothing for the contemporary woman.


The Sowannan Logo

Rufaro's stunning designs. I wish i was modelling them.
His recent Spring/Summer 2012 inspiration
His recent design inspiration. I can see myself in some of his pieces
The gentleman behind Sowannan

Rufaro Doug Masundire

Supporting local lovely flavour in the most Signature manner!

I’m so very proud of you Rufaro, I hope next year we will meet at Zimbabwe fashion Week 2013 with some of your pieces!

Stay Gorg and Glam

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