Monday, 28 October 2013

S/S Edition (3): There's just something about African Print and Pink Lips

Third and final part to “There’s Just Something About..” summer feature is on two fabulous things; African Print and the Pink Lip.

In the last segment I focused on Floral print, which has a lot of significance to the summer season.  But now focus is on the African print. Most people don’t know how to define African print, even I myself am a little confused because there are so many different prints to choose from 54 countries. So why African print for this season? Well other than it being popular at Zimbabwe Fashion Week, its resonating some form of respect, moving from traditional gear of our elders to strutting down the runway on international fashion shows. African print is particularly popular with local designer labels of Mucha (Original African Couture) and Goddess by Fatima. I personally like African print as a fashion statement to an ensemble for a bit of nostalgia and to feel elegant. African print for me works best as a turban (as shown in previous Weekend Ensemble blogposts) and as a skirt. Looks for a turban or a skirt are best illustrated by Pumeza Mkhonza's collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 (also featured in GLAMOUR SA magazine August 2013).

Local Hip Hop artist Tehn Diamond wearing a Mucha creation in pants, worn for BBA 2013

The Pink Lip
I'm no make-up marvel but i subtle adore the Pink Lip as a fashion statement for summer 2013. I’m no make-up marvel but I subtly adore the pink lip for summer 2013. I'm sure Beauty bloggers will confirm with me that dark and bold make up is the way to go at the moment. With dark reds, metallic colours, burgundy and the popular ox-blood colour on your nails and lipstick (all these colours are great specifically for the winter period). Now for summer, it’s mainly about keeping your make-up light and fresh. The pink lip is a beautiful trademark for a summer day with very nude make-up. Great shades for pink lips which you can look at are;
  • Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia
  • Revlon ColorBurst lip butter in Gumdrop
  • Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Sweetheart/Valentine
  • MAC lipstick in Candy Yum Yum

ColorStay and SuperStay brands are the way to go to keep your lipstick shade on for the whole day, with a few touch-ups here and there.

Local socialite Pokello has made the pink shade of Lipstick her trademark statement so much so that she partnered up with Vault cosmetics early in August to create a Pokello pink shade.

Janelle Monae does her androgynous look with Pink lips to match.

So, armed with all the glamourous ammunition under "There's just something About.." segment, you are sure to rock one hell of a fashion forward glamorous summer (and Christmas) just from the the six trends. Remember, whilst experimenting with all these trends; stay true to yourself and find a combination that works for you. Some of these trends will flow over into 2014.

Until then..

Stay Gorg and Glam,

Thursday, 24 October 2013

What To Wear During A Cold Spell

As an African living in Southern Africa, I think we are lucky in terms of having the best weather. I haven’t been to other parts of the world, but hands down Africa has the most versatile weather. So when it gets a little hot, there’s always something to wear that suits the weather and when it gets a little chilly outside, there’s always something to wear as well. But emphasis here is on what to wear when it’s a bit chilly outside, where it’s not too cold nor freezing but just a little bit mellow with some characteristics of possible rain.

Lately the weather in Harare has been switching to the mellow side, with little detection of rainy showers and a bit windy but nothing too cold. My concern however is dressing up for such weather.  A lot of the ladies I see in Harare quickly resort to winter gear consisting of knee high winter boots, double breasted winter coats and thick winter stockings. It’s all fashionable and great but to a greater degree it’s not necessary, especially when the weather changes later in the day.  At times it can be a bit confusing to come up with a versatile ensemble because of the sudden switch from cold to hot all in one day, but here is a rundown to what to wear.

Drop the Winter coat and begin to Layer!
Drop the big winter jacket and opt to layer your clothing. Layering is probably the oldest and most versatile trick. You can opt to layer pullover sweaters, cardis and blazers. Preferably you can layer two thin knit sweaters over each other or a knit sweater paired with a blazer on top. If you own a thicker knit sweater, that’s a plus factor because you can wear your ordinary tee underneath then finish off with a chunky scarf to keep cozy. What’s great about layering is that when the weather suddenly changes to hot, you can peel off some layers.

Switch the knee-high boots for cute flats.
Drop the boots and the thick stocking all together because it really isn’t winter, it’s just a cold spell with a little bit of wind and cloudy skies. This is all in preparation for the rainy season. So with footwear, also keep it light but also warm with secret socks (I swear by these). Wear a pair of plimsolls, loafers or stylish takkies (such as the ones pictured below from Bata stores) or a closed shoe like a brogue. Ankle boots are also a good alternative, if you feel the cold isn’t for your liking.

Tomy Takkies available at all Bata stores in Harare.
Wear these cute sneaks with secret socks and no one will notice.

Colour Palette
Switch from light to dark colours, only because dull colours attract more heat. So work around black, navy blue, grey, brown, oxblood (which is a deep maroon) and red or purple. These colours are good on your skinny jeans and blazer jacket.

Dark skinnies with the dark blazer and notice the layering bit mentioned above.

Cozy Accessories!
No need for gloves when it’s a bit chilly, but beanies, scarves and trilbies can be an exception. I for one prefer vibrant colours to my scarves to contrast to the dark ensemble. Trilbies and beanies are a fashionable exception as they look better in dark hues.

My Illustration

A quick illustration: i paired dark colours with the stripes and the black jacket. Its cozy and weather appropriate. If the weather gets too hot, i will simply remove one layer.

So with that said, Ladies take note, when it gets a bit chilly in the middle of summer, it doesn’t automatically equate to winter. It’s just a little dull weather. Rolling out the heavy winter gear isn’t a bad idea but at the same time it shouldn’t be the only resolution. There are lots of ways to experiment with different ideas and looks just to come up with a warm and cozy ensemble. And I hope the little segment above will definitely help.

Stay Gorg and Glam (and Cozy),

Monday, 21 October 2013

S/S Edition (2): There's just something about Florals and Clutches

Second edition to “There’s just something about” summer fashion feature is flower power- Floral Prints! This summer has to be all about the fresh aroma of roses on your clothes! Flowers are fun, vibrant and eye catchy (think strong and bold) on any piece of clothing. They are reminiscent of the blooming transition from spring to summer. Floral print is like any other strong print like Aztec or Ankara, you would want to make the floral the centre of attention, so keep everything else on your ensemble neutral to make it stand out.

I spotted floral print in stores around Harare in the past month, some of which include Edgars, Truworths, Passport and a few fashion outlets in the city, where floral dresses, skirts and pants were the order of the day (pair of skinny jeans currently available at Edgars stores nationwide at US$30.00 a pair). 

The Flower Power print isn't just limited to roses, but can be anything that is a Daisy, a Lily or a Hibiscus. Further inspiration, is switching up the Floral Print to your accessories; think your pumps, handbag and jewelry.

Farai Simoyi Collection launched at Passport boutique Groombridge in 2012

Great dress for cocktails or a lovely brunch (from Passport boutique Groombrigde in 2012)
Long Floral Maxi Dress from Passport 2012
On that neutral tip; the floral skirt does all the talking.
Clutch Control
There’s just something about the hand-held purse, so much so that they have become a fashion staple on the runway and Fashion weeks across the globe. I couldn't be left out of this escalating trend that I took my clutch with me to Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013. Clutches are daring in the essence that they are petite, compact and kind of challenging to take from day to night (especially on a busy day). Not only that, but a lot of the things you need during your day don't actually fit in your clutch; but don't despair. You can actually carry a clutch around if you are doing small errands, having lunch/brunch, doing a little shopping or just hanging out and want to find a good excuse to carry your clutch purse along. 

Now there are a lot of clutches to choose from, depending on your personality as well as the occasion (you cant be seen carrying a compact evening clutch for running errands during the day). You can choose from an oversized clutch, envelope clutch (which looks like a gigantic stationery envelope) and small size or mini clutches.

The clutch revolution is not new to the global fashion scene, but it is a trend I want to see on the streets of Harare very soon. 

From the Blog; Sapatos post in 2012
Photos Courtesy of Mr. Price SA In the Fashion Loop Blog
REMEMBER: If you plan to rock a clutch, keep it minimal in the type of clutch you choose, nothing too glitzy or fancy for the day; keep that for evening. I would recommend an oversized clutch that looks like a gigantic pencil case or an envelope clutch.

Next in "There's just Something About" editions is African Prints and a dash of Pink Lip for the summer season.

Stay Gorg and Glam,