Friday, 20 February 2015

Do Denim Joggers

I will begin by saying I have thrown a lot of names around to describe this particular pair of denims. In the beginning the label was “Cuffed Denim”, and it worked quite well back then because at the time everyone was using that term. Then came along the “Elastic Cuff”, but this was just the generalized term we used at college. Only recently have I discovered that this denim tucked away strategically in my closet is actually a “Jogger Denim”! Amazed and a little bit embarrassed, I did my research to find the correct term to label them without having my head all over the place. Making the link between jogger sweatpants, leather joggers and denim joggers was an AHA moment made in my fashion diary.

You might remember these denims from 2012; they had a moment on the blog with a casual attire suited for that time. Fast forward to 2015 and they have been given a much more chic revival to suit. I have been consuming myself as of late into finding a way to style these particular joggers, and soon enough this post will spread over 3 looks and ideas centred around them. Part of the reason is to find combining ways to make the most out of old trendy clothes without chucking them away completely (especially in my case where they still fit).

Denim is always a stylish alternative for a casual attire or a dolled up look. The best part about denim is the classic fixture in which it carries without being outdated or scratched out completely.

Black Peplum Blazer – Jet Stores Zimbabwe
Silver Grey Bauble choker – Bling Bling
Black tank – Edgars Stores Zimbabwe
Black belt – Thrift store
Jogger Denim – Great Gear (Noczim Building)
Red Heels – Wardrobe Mix
Sunglasses – Elle Magazine SA
Lipgloss - Sleek Lipglass Rose

In other news, I have been closely monitoring the progress of my #NaturalHairMovement. It’s a bit tedious; with the combing of the afro and twist outs every evening, but I have found relief in detangler, olive oil and a blow dryer to keep my afro smooth and manageable. Head scarfs and Head wraps are my best friend to tie up my hair on bad hair days, and bonus points because it’s a chic style alternative.

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As Always, Stay Gorgeous!