Monday, 30 September 2013

My Weekend Ensemble: Sailor Inspired

This Sunday look was inspired by a combination of nautical and sailor chic fashion; with main emphasis on the stripes as the defining factor. I've always admired the Sailor look a la Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, that i decided to conjure my own version (in Zimbabwe of course). Now the sailor look is a whole combination of boat shoes, double-panelled jacket with the finishing anchor and sailor hat accessories. The colour palette is your whites, reds, dark navy and blush tones such as pink, blue or orange.

I paired my sailor inspired ensemble with a striped shirt (Breton stripes is the fancy name), peg leg pants (or cigarette pants, call ‘em what you like), my pink blazer and pointy studded pumps from jet.  And the tote with the beaded necklace were my only two accessories. I'm pretty sure i made a pretty good impression. I took my look to Sam Levy Village that morning to buy books (i'm obsessed with new stationary for each new semester) and also to check out whats buzzing at the Sunday Fleamarket.

Classy, sophisticated, stylish.

Whilst at The Village, I spotted this new signage by  the Zuuva store, which reads "Signature Closet". I loved it soo much that it was only befitting that i pay homage to that Signature factor!

*Apologies for the poor photo quality*

All of my clothes were local in this post:
Striped shirt, pumps and pants were from Jet
Pink blazer from Truworths
Tote from Safari Shue
Necklace was from The Village fleamarket

Stay Gorg and Glam,

Monday, 23 September 2013

My Weekend Ensemble: Clashing Outfit

Its now summer and i'm grinning because i'm excited for the change in weather. Although this ensemble is very laid back and chic, there is alot going on with this look that i would like to share. First and foremost i'm going to enlighten you on "power clashing"; yes its Power Clashing! I didn't know this statement before but i came across it a few weeks ago on the Style Network (i'm a little well known addict), and i was more than eager to try it out because what's fashion without experimenting..? So, power clashing is basically putting an ensemble together with different (if not un-matching) prints that basically clash OR wearing three (3) different colours (NOT colour blocking) to put an outfit together.
I, however decided to be minimalist and stick to my usual neutral pattern, nothing too out there or in your face since i wore this look to church. I worked with just two colours being brown and green with the white just pulling things together (total being three here).
The green colour is with my sling purse as well as the hint of colour on the skirt and the brown is combined in the blazer jacket and my Bata pumps (which aren't new to the blog).

Second to this Clashing phenomenon is that this chocolate-y brown blazer and the printed circle skirt are relatively new and i bought them in town. The jacket is from a store by Eastgate and the circle skirt was bought in Star Face Fashions right across Ximex mall (and for a steal too!). I wanted to take this opportunity to combine them as i'm extremely trying to breakaway from always wearing denim.

I further decided to add my doek just for the fun of things..

*Furthermore this look is also great with heels or a wedge to add on some sophistication, i choose flats because my height can at times be intimidating.

PS: its safe to say that i love the circle skirt trend right now; which is just lovely for summer. You might be seeing a lot more of this skirt and jacket on the blog.

I leave you with a little bit of Inspiration from Mucha (Original African Couture);

Mucha (Original African Couture)
Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Stay Gorg and Glam,

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ZFW 2013 Experience (Ed 4): Rumbie and Znzorzi Adby

This is the fourth and final edition to my ZFW 2013 Experiecne. It was exciting for me that I didn’t know where to begin to I decided I’m going to share all that went down in one night. On this last segment I look at Rumbie designs by Rumbie Muzofa and Pertkot Government by Znzorzi Adby. During these two last shows I was joined by Nyasha Nhutsve who is one of the Top 8 finalists for Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ) in October. Nyasha is not new to my blog, and features in the FWZ blogpost back in July.

The Rumbie Collection in my opinion was very flirty, sultry, fun and really quite elegant and exquisite. One could tell that a lot of work and passion was put into the detail and theme of the collection; it was quite pleasing to watch and very inspiring as well. Now I don’t know much about Miss Rumbie, but this is one designer that I would like the opportunity to meet.

Rumbie by Rumbie

Just pure elegance

Closing credit, Designer Rumbie and her pieces.

 Znzorzi Abdy

Znzorzi Adby by Tinashe Adby Phiri was every bit of Art to me. Yes, it reminded me of something that came out of Alexander McQueen. From the collection to the music in the background and the models blood-drench inspired makeup with the finishing accessory of a kitchen knife (yes, some spectators were squirmish). Why I say Alex McQ is because he was a visionary with an Avant-Garde stance to his is fashion and thus that vision come true. This young man, studying at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) and in his final year depicted as a visionary in my sense. His collection was perfect down to the T, it was a royal/regal essence with the colour purple and the well defined structured jackets on the runway. I would say this young man is a perfectionist because we could hear him shouting backstage. Best work I had seen that evening! Well deserved for the Emerging Designer of the year.

This jacket and pants combo was my absolute FAVOURITE, including the nude pumps

The closing piece

Tinashe Adby Phiri

*Get to know the designer behind Znzorzi Adby on The Royal Fashion Files designer interview.

Last but not least, Zim Fashion Week was lovely. I rarely ever get these opportunities, so when they come my way i do my best to embrace them. It was Such a lovely time in the emporium of fashion, i hope to do this once again in 2014, by attending all the fashion shows. I learn alot from these events. Thank you to the Team of Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013 for having me, it was such a Signatory Pleasure.

 Yours Truly in fashion...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

DISCLAIMER: These are photos for Signature Toscie Blog taken by Tendai Sophia. There are in no manner professional photos nor editorial photos. For professional photos covering Zimbabwe Fashion Week please visit SIMON DEINER PHOTOGRAPHY or TNASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

ZFW 2013 Experience (Ed 3): JB Couture and LIZA

Third edition to my ZFW2013 Experience, I look at JB Couture by Joanne Burger and LIZA by Kuda Chigariro. What I enjoyed about both these collections was the Nostalgia behind them (yes, I take particular attention to yesteryear pieces and enjoy being a diva, even though I can’t relate to the golden eras). JB Couture was a swimwear range by Joanne, one which comprised of retro swimming attire for the ladies. The collection was a reminiscent of the 60s and 80s era, with what I would like to think of as a little bit of monochrome for the 60s and a lot of splash of colour for the 80s. I would like to think this way because the collection was fun and vibey but also had a lady-like feel especially with the headwraps on the models. Furthermore, the finishing touch to this collection was the Lady Targaryen handbags as the accessories (Lovely), not forgetting the sarongs/cover-ups on the models too. Overall this collection obviously reminded me of a fab poolside summer with a cocktail of course (no beaches in Zimbabwe).  

JB Couture

Splash of colour with a Lady Targaryen tote

This was my favourite swimwear piece. I love the cape with the butterflies.

This particular swimsuit made me think of the 50s because of the high-waist bottoms and the sweetheart halter.
Photo Courtesy of Simon Deiner/SDR Photo


LIZA was every bit of the banging 70s complete with the Afro wig on the models (boogy on doowwn!). Although this collection was definitely a reminiscent of the old days, it was however a modern take to contemporary fashion, with a few fitted dresses and some sheer flowing ones; kinda makes me think of a bohemian feel. For those of you who aren’t so sure, the Afro wig on the models was actually only worn by the black African Americans during the 70s! And they somehow created the disco era (who knew!) But as of now, it’s a whole style revolution going on.

Any who, one of my FAVOURITE pieces in the collection was a pink long sleeved sheer dress, that almost looked like a blouse, it was my fave. When I went backstage, the designer told me it was US$50.00

This was my favourite little pink dress (LPD)
and the back...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

DISCLAIMER: These are photos for Signature Toscie Blog taken by Tendai Sophia. There are in no manner professional photos nor editorial photos. For professional photos covering Zimbabwe Fashion Week please visit SIMON DEINER PHOTOGRAPHY or TNASH PHOTOGRAPHY.