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Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) vs Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ)

Fashion in Zimbabwe is set for new heights this year. It’s only been half way through the year and there has already been so much buzz on two fashion events set to amaze this year, these being Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) and Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (ZFW). What’s interesting is that both events have the same wording (which is Fashion, Week and Zimbabwe) as well as the same acronyms (which are the letters FWZ or ZFW). What’s behind a name? Well, I will run down all the details for you;
Zimbabwe Fashion Week is the premier platform of Zimbabwe Fashion (yes, with the runaway and flash bulbs of what embodies any Fashion Week, including the celebs). Launched in October of 2009, ZFW is the brainchild of model and entrepreneur Priscilla Chigariro (who is also the founder of Pan-African magazine, Domino). ZFW had their first showcase in Johannesburg with Zimbabwean designers based in South Africa (at the time) being the prime of the show.  ZFW showcases all that is local textile designer wear by local designers as well as 3 Southern African regional designers. Some of the designers that have showcased at Zimbabwe Fashion Week are Zuuva by Joyce Chimanye, Farai by Farai Simoyi, Intisaar Mukadam and David Tlale from South Africa. I would like to think of these designs as couture as in prime “Zimbabwean Couture”. Furthermore Zimbabwe Fashion Week is the original podium for young, up and coming designers as well as promoting bloggers whilst in its 4th year running in 2013. This year ZFW will be running from 29-31 August 2013 at The Sam Levy Village with the theme “Fashion Through The Ages”.

Zuuva creation
Photo by SDR/Simon Deiner
With all of its success, Zimbabwe Fashion Week also has a show at the annual Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Week for top designers hosted in the fashion hub of Johannesburg.

Intisaar creation
Photo by SDR/Simon Deiner
Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ) is the brainchild of Shamiso Ruzvidzo, who is the founder and Director of Catherine Ruze Modelling Agency which is based in Belvedere, Harare. Now FWZ launched this year on the 11th of April 2013 with a digital online site that showcases a lot of what fashion lovers are expected to see this year. Having launched this year, FWZ is relatively new and is almost along the lines of ZFW in terms of fashion BUT it embodies a fusion of Food, Music and Fashion over a two day weekend period (almost in the sense of a Fashion/Festival aroma). FWZ is quick on their heels and has already launched competitions and awards for new designers, and they have an official FWZ blogger by the name of Shingai Mangoma (@shingimangoma), based in Gweru. Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe will be running from 12th-13th August 2013 at the Glasshouse at the Borrowdale Racecourse with the theme “Colour and Culture”.

So what’s in a name for both of these events? Well to sum it all up together both events promote designers, models, photographers as well as bloggers and maybe even potential fashionistas. Both are the brainchild of fashion heavyweights with Shami having planned the popular Catherine Ruze Rooftop party in summer 2012 and Priscilla having a successful career in modeling.

As for my opinion, I’m not sure what to expect from both entities but I've a resounding respect for Zimbabwe Fashion Week having been the first of the two to reignite what was once the budding Zimbabwe Fashion Industry of the late 1980s and 1990s. If you must remember Zimbabwe was very well known in the Southern African region for its textiles industry (whether fashion or beyond). Furthermore ZFW has its dates set for August, which is just around the same time as most fashion weeks across the globe.

Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe is somewhat almost similar; having the same categories, the same influence and almost the same fashion stance. But FWZ does seem to have a little more influence on young/upcoming designers (hence their designer competition). I'm not one whose quick to judge, so only time will tell what FWZ will bring to the table.

NB: Alot of debate has been going on, on social media as to whose the original and whose following suit. So do share your opinion on what you constitute as Fashion In Zimbabwe. Thoughts and Comments are most welcome :)
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