Monday, 25 March 2013

My Weekend Ensemble: Headscarf and Pink Blazer

Yesterday (Sunday, 24 March) was Palm Sunday which makes the beginning of Easter in the Christian Calendar. My main emphasis for my outfit post is the headscarf/doek (dhuku) i was rocking yesterday. I wanted to try something bold that i admired from editorial magazines and apply it to real life. Its safe to say i loved how it came out, despite the attention, i believe if you are gonna be a blogger you might as well experiment and try the craziest fashion. I don't think it shoulld be restricted to editorials only!

My headscarf/dook is an African/Paisley print stolen from my mom's closet (this isn't the first time i've declared my undying love for scarfs). My pretty pretty jacket is actually brand new, bought last week at Truworths in first street Harare. Its actually a formal jacket but when i tried it on, it looked more like a blazer jacket to me (i tricked my mind to believe this!). Needless to say this jacket is my brand new obsesssion in the months to come, you will be seeing alot of it!

My tank top is from SK2 and my beloved beloved jeans have been with me through thick and thin! They were in my first "Weekend Chill" post from 2012. And finally my clutch is old school stolen from mama's closet once again (i cant help it!).

Overall i'm loving how my little outfit experiment came out. It looks fab! And you will be seeing more of me in headscarfs/dooks!

Stay Gorg and Glam

Everything happens for a Reason!

"Everything happens for a reason", this is what my cousin told me when i let her know i had been released from my fashion job last week. She is undoubtedbly one of my biggest supporters for my blog and my work. Its fortunate or unfortunate to say i'm no longer working for Zim Fashionista/Runway Productions due to irreconciliable differences. I was officially released last week (on a Monday, my fave day of the week), but needless to say i'm more than proud of the decision made. I only worked for Runway Productions for just two months, but i learned quite alot about this fashion industry i admire, and in the words of a fellow blogger; i took what i learned and ran with it! Although my goals and perspectives were far beyond what my former boss had in mind, i will say i learned alot from her, especially towards the formal wear department. My look is typically quirky, fun, modern with a dash of feminism, but my boss lady rocked a dress and heels everyday! Something that i learned from her and will take with me, because dresses and heels only exist on a Sunday for me! Furthermore i appreciate her stamina and hardworking persona, we might have gone separate ways but i truly admire her work and would more than love to one day collaborate with her in the future (I'm not one who hold grunges, i'm too thankful for that; Tendai). My journey has only just begun, and this was something that probably wasn't meant for me from the start because i will admit the environment was abit something i wasn't used to (i actually talk too much so sometimes i cant help crack a joke but in this case i was more quite and demure).

"Everything happens for a reason" and my journey with Runway Productions was another path i took in my road to GD Domination.

Stay gorg and glam,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My New Hair: Cute Little Pixie Cut

I'm excited to say I finally cut my hair! I've always wanted to be fierce and rock the sassy little pixie cut à la Halle Berry, and i finally got around to do it. The response from all my family and friends has been astounding! I had no idea i would look this good with short hair. Loving my new hair, i feel so bold and sophisticated, somewhat a ROCKSTAR! I owe my fab new hair to the awesome gentlemen at Scandals Unisex hair salon at the Travel Plaza. They relaxed, washed, moussed, cut and styled my new hair to its lovely perfection. I felt like a princess in the salon chair (I even shared the details on "The Salon Chair Chronicles" via Facebook). I mean who knew men are awesome hairdressers! I'm in love <3. Although my new 'do cost $50, it was more than worth it. I love my new hair, it completely brings out the Toscie in me!

Stay Gorg and Glam

P.S. S/O to Vongai from Defined Wear at Sam Levy Village for the Heads up! :)

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Budget Babe Chronicles (Part 1)

Keeping up to trend and fabulous is pretty much a challenge in Harare. I love my city but I will be deathly honest; international fashion and the latest clothing are vastly scarce in Harare and creating your own look is just as a challenge! Chances are you will be rocking the same outfit as the next girl and that where my dilemma is; creating something which is original and unique.  And it is sadly depressing that some of the major stores in my city sell cheap imported clothing at unfair prices, but I will say if you have a good eye, some of these clothing’s are really actually not so bad. My secret is don’t buy everything, but buy something you can already ADD to your closet. Since I’ve recently just started working again, I rotate around five stores in Harare that I use to scout for some on trend pieces. These being Great Gear, Wardrobe Mix, SK2, Medal Merits and Powersales. Keep in mind most of the clothing in these stores carry the same labels, popularly being; New Feeling, Miss Eva denim and Olive de olive (which I’ve actually seen in Fashion World and PQ stores in Joburg).

I do believe there’s nothing wrong shopping in these stores just so you don’t overdue. Bear in mind my closet consists of so many other labels from other retailers such as Edgars, various boutiques as well as the fleamarket.
I specifically wanted to blog about this because I believe fashion shouldn’t sometimes break your bank, it should be you just so long you know who you are no matter where you shop!

Great Gear
Great gear consists mainly of casual clothing and business casual clothing. It has 3 branches in Harare; with the branch by NocZim building being my fave. I prefer Great Gear for its variety in denim in most shapes and sizes fetching from $10 a pair. The other two branches are one in First street across the road from Meikles Dept Store and another across the street from Ximex mall.

Great Gear by the NocZim building close to the Copacabana bus rank area

Wardrobe Mix
Wardrobe mix is a mixture of casual, business casual and casual formal. It also has 3 branches in the city but my favourite being corner First Street and Jason Moyo Avenue. I mainly shop in here for some of the cardigans and sometimes dresses (I love long cardis) fetching from $15.

Wardrobe Mix along Jason Moyo cnr First Street

SK2 is probably the most popular fashion store with the younger generation ladies’ as it carries all the trendy casual wear pieces at reasonable prices. It’s also got three stores in Harare but my favourite being in Chisipite which is close to home and in my honest opinion has more variety as compared to the other two.

SK2 in Karigamombe centre.

Medal Merits
Medal merits also carries a lot of the casual wear having two branches in the city; one at Sam Levy village and the other in the heart of town adjacent to Meikles hotel. I like to come here for the distinctive pieces (with some reasonable pricing) that you won’t find in many of the other stores such as for example a grey blazer with leopard print lining. I also adore the branch at Sam Levy for its variety in ladies heels and bags!

If you are a Zimbabwean at heart and lived in Zim around the 90s like I did then you must have known and at least owned a thing or two from Powersales Zimbabwe. Yes the chainlink stores of Powersales had gotten into a rut during the 2000s but now it seems to be picking up some pace. Last time I checked I spotted clothing pieces from PEP South-Africa and some really cute summer sandals and tees. It’s not a bad way to revive themselves I think. Hopefully soon enough they will produce their own clothing instead of importing.

Case in point here fashion is shouldn’t kill your budget. You can look good without the hefty price tag, just as long as you take care of your clothing and follow the washing instructions. Also invest in shoes and handbags like I do, they will last you longer!  Remember fashion trends do have a short lifecycle, so if you are going to spend, spend wisely unless you are Kim Kardashian or you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth!

BIG NOTE: shop according to your lifestyle; if you use public transport like I do then parading around town in heels isn't aa good idea. You will hurt your shoes and eventually your feet, so carry flats.

Remember to be an original version of yourself; shop with a distinctive eye, don’t follow each and every trend!

Stay Gorg and Glam