Monday, 17 December 2012

Harare Store Review: Sapatos Footwear & Luggage Boutique

Sapatos is just the most divine, elegant and uptown boutique with elegant decor in the city’s Joina City. It hosts a range of South-African and UK Label ladies shoes (Yes, I spotted a BCBG shoe and ZOOM shoes!) as well as handbags and accessories. The boutique is relatively new having been operating well over a month now. It’s got some really up to trend handbags such as the envelope clutch and satchel purse (which I’m obsessed about and will one day own!). I also spotted some really lovely ladies loafers and boat shoes and some really stylish shoes for the little ones. ZOOM shoes were fetching from $45, which for non-locally produced shoes; it’s a really good price. I was even happier when I saw the handbags and purses were fetching from $25 starting with the oversized envelope clutches (which were just divine!). The satchel purse (that I truly adore fetches from $50; the one that I liked was $60 which isn’t bad for an international label being sold in Zim.) The store also hosts shoes and bags for the gentlemen who love class and sophistication and appreciate man elegance. (To be quite honest I think every man, whether your Hip-Hop fab should have a Man purse, Yes one of those Man purses!). Not to forget the store also hosts athletic gear and some school shoes!

I’m very proud to say Zimbabwe is definitely catching along with fashion standards in terms of the sprouting of shoes and handbags boutiques around the city. More so these boutiques are doing their level best in offering some really lovely and satisfying shoes (although they are not locally made and some of these boutiques charge crazy expensive prices, I’m glad that they are giving it a try). Thumbs up to these peeps who are catering for a Quality shoe fetish gap!

Stay Gorg and Glam

I'm more of a Bag-lady, so forgive me for the bias.
The Satchel purse

I'm pretty sure this was a ZOOM shoe...

An array of Envelope cluthes....I die
This one was my favourite
How cute are these satchel purses?

I cannot forget Gentlemen...

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