Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What I Wore Today:Tuesday Ensemble

I'm back at school and planning my ensemble for the day is sometimes hectic and maybe even treacherous! But today i like what I'm wearing and thought to share it. Its simple yet effective for my loong days at school and running around. All my pieces are "comfort Pieces" that is my favourite but comfortable pieces of clothing that i love to mix and match. So today i'm wearing a beige shirt and dark denim both from Mr. Price, my belt is from Great Gear and leather purse was from my dearest mommy (Love you Mum :) )

Stay Gorg and Glam

Normally i smile but i was rushing so i forgot to smile. APOLOGIES :)
I tucked in my shirt! Making my look a little less casual.
I love the Bohemian-ness attached to this oversized bag. Perfect for anything.

My Weekend Ensemble: All Black

So i took advantage of the warm sunny weather on Sunday and decided to pop out my FAVOURITE maxi dress that i bought way back in SA while holidaying with my sister. Here i paired it with my Black blazer jacket and pastel pink purse with simple (yet comfortable) pumps and dark brown beaded necklaces i bought from the Avondale Fleamarket. My lovely dress was flowing with the wind.
Stay Gorg and Glam

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2012

Make some noise for the mother of all local fashion; ZIMBABWE FASHION WEEK! In its 3rd year running, ZFW has a jam packed fashion show and a new venue in tow. Under the guiding light of Priscilla Chigariro (model and entrepreneur), ZFW will run from 30th Aug-1st Sept at the Volkswagen Showroom along 16-20 Samora Machel Avenue. This year it is flowing with local Zim designers and Catherine Ruze Models. Designers include Diella Reaux, Intissar Mukadam, Yvonne Watadza of House ofAlpharose, Joyce Chimanye of Zuva, Alice Knuth of Countess K, Sabina Mutsvati of Cheukwa and Shaldon Kopman from South Africa. As well as South Africa’s sensational designer David Tlale. Tickets for the fashion show are available at Red Bar or The Lounge at Newlands and Catts or Shoe Shack at Sam Levy Village. Ticket prices range from $25(Front Row), $20(2nd Row) and $15(General). If you’re a fashionista or local Diva, this event is sure not to be missed. Lots of gorgeous people and flashing cameras! I can only imagine the scene.
Support Local Lovely Flavour!
Stay Gorg and Glam.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vibrant Colours Of The Rainbow

Over the long Heroes Weekend i did some "Summer Style Scouting", checking out all the looks and trends that will likely be popular this summer (i cant Wait) at the very popular Sam Levy Fleamarket on Sunday morning. I spotted quite alot of fun sorbet/ice-cream colours on shoes, blazers and maxi dresses. There was also a mix of leopard prints in there too, but by the looks of things or fashion in Harare; Blazers, Maxi dresses and Summer dresses are all the range this Summer. Here are A few pics to indulge in....

Stay Gorg and Glam beautiful people

High heels in FUN colours! The Rainbow!

The leopard print is still making stiking waves as a pattern to have and wear!

Those military inspired boots.

More leopard a "hidden" way

I love these sorbet colours! so bright and vibrant

Awww..My lil sis! Getting in on the action.

Passport Store: Destination In Style

I've expressed my undying fixation with this store in one of my first articles; Direct Passport To Fashion! so over the long Heroes Weekend i once again trotted by again and took more detailed pictures of the store just because i love to share :). I'll let these photos speak for themselves...

Stay Gorg and Glam

Psst...Passport and Joina City's Kickstart are brother and sister stores!! Yayyy!

Shades of Purple

Sequined Dresses

The Blazer

The Red Leather Jacket

Harare Street Trend: That Hat!

Trilby at Joina City's Kickstart
I’ve been showing so much love towards women’s fashion on my blog but today my attention is on a masculine piece of fashion which I honestly feel is the quintessential accessory. Show some love to the Trilby; I love the masculinity attached to the Trilby/Felt Hat which can also be androgynous at the same time. It’s so trendy without too much effort to it. I feel it’s a plus-factor accessory for the girls as you can wear it with a Maxi Dress in the summer or look sophisticated in winter with a cute overcoat, jeans and ankle boot! I recently purchased my own Trilby after having fallen in LOVE with it in the Mr. Price SA 2012 winter catalogues. It’s so versatile and stylish at the same time as it works both in summer and winter.  I’ve actually spotted it on quite a few guys in H-Town recently (sorry, no pics though).

Stay Gorg and Glam
Ladies Trilby at Kickstart
Men's Trilby also at Kickstart
Hats! Hats! Hats! at Revelations Eastgate Mall
These I saw at a store at Sam Levy Village
My Black Trilby
Love this Hat!
Can you say QUINTessential piece...