Saturday, 31 May 2014

DeMOYO launches Winter Collection at Truworths Borrowdale Branch

I’m in the final stages of exam preparation and finalising school (hence my awkward silence), but I had to make one quick fashion event stop at the launch of Paidemoyo Chideya’s DeMOYO new winter collection range at Truworths Sam Levy Village. I’ve only been recently acquainted with the DeMOYO line, and I must say I’m inlove. The brand screams every epitome that is Tendai Sophia, it is feminine, sophisticated, CHIC and above all, it is tailor-made for the uber- sophisticated modern woman with form fitting silhouettes and a neutral colour palette. (I’ve an exclusive with Paidemoyo which is still in the works, but will be shared very soon! Keep on the lookout). For now I will say that Paidemoyo is off international recognition, having spent well over a decade building and crafting her brand abroad; with international liaisons that include Calvin Klein in New York City. Paidemoyo’s opening speech at the launch expressed her love for passion in art, creativity and inspiration. Stating that her stance is and has always been focus on women’s growth and empowerment, which readily shows in her clothing and her personality.

The launch took place on Friday 30 May, at approximately 6pm (yours truly arrived 18.15pm, with my sidekick and sister @ChipoLace). Familiar faces on rotation were @TatRobin, Shamiso Ruzvidzo, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and Fungai Tichawangana (the guru behind ZimboJam). Three models worked their stills in DeMOYO creations, first with formal casual attire and the next rotation they donned some of DeMOYO’s best evening couture pieces. And guests were treated to light snacks and bubbly. The launch covered just over two hours, but a lot of pictures, selfies and interactions took place, it’s all about Network Marketing empire!

I thoroughly enjoy how these events and launch parties are increasingly growing to promote local production (and can be super fun!). I’m sure you are well aware about my strong stance and advocating on local fashion, production and consumption. Anything to boost our Fashion industry and put it on the international map, is what Signature Toscie stands for. With that said I hope you will pop by Truworths at Sam Levy Village during the 2014 winter season to purchase a DeMOYO piece, yes Truworths is a bit on the pricier side but I promise you the material, texture and silhouette of the clothing is all worth it.

DeMOYO details:

Yours in Glamour and photos from the event below;

Tendai Sophia!

DeMOYO Collection on Display

DeMOYO winter shift dress in this season's winter "white trend".
Model wearing DeMOYO and Entertainment for the evening was provided by Cathy Mhlanga
Models showcasing DeMOYO.


Loved this model's make up done by Vault Cosmetics before the Launch Party 

The timeless crotchet dress, which has received its fair share of international recognition was given a demure twist for the Zimbabwean audience.

Beaded Evening gown

The Crowd 

Myself with Paidemoyo and my sister.
Photo courtesy of @TatRobin

Footsies, shoes, heels! Call them what you want but we took a snap!

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Sisterly Festival Vibes at HIFA 2014

Our Tcheka tickets

Sisters Day Out. This was such a quick photo, not the right pose for me but i will share it.
My sister and I are the best buddies! Ok there is some occasional sibling rivalry, clothes stealing and style coping altercations here and there; but that is just normal sibling rivalry and competitiveness. Especially if you have an age gap of just two years! But then again it means we click on some level. So @ChipoLace and I took a break from our busy selves and went to check out HIFA (thanks to my pertinent nagging and persuasion), she finally obliged! We choose Thursday, which was HIFA Stanbic Bank Day and Workers day, (which meant it was a holiday and also exiting the house for us on the weekend is close to none!). The menu on our sisterly day was to check out British songstress Josephine, chill at the Coca cola green and take in the goods on display at the Royal Norwegian Embassy Global Quarter Craft and Design Centre (long name if you ask me!).

Anyway, our menu was shuffled a little bit. Instead of Josephine we ended up vibing to Tcheka and his amazing guitar skills with two of his bandmates. Josephine was already sold out for the day, so Tcheka was our only Cape Verdean option (and I must say a great option it was). It was mellow, soulful and energetic with the guitar mechanisms by Tcheka; it wasn’t disappointing at all. And the best part is, he was really cute!

Our next cue was the Craft and Design centre, which is really my forte to check out all of the budding local talent and artistry in crafts and polytechnic. I respect people’s ability to have art in their hands, it is such a beautiful gift. A lot of the pieces we saw were beautiful, handmade; covering the array of beaded jewellery from Dee Kaw Zee (they also showcased their pieces at SBA Pop Up party back in 2012), Identite Noire by Samantha Matemadombo, Goddess by Fatima and LonCrae couture all in the Fashion Hut. Other products on display were temporary tattoos and an interesting massage machine shaped like a dolphin! But hey the massages were free so we tried it out it (marketing strategy by the way). I would probably need two more blogposts to cover the whole of the Craft and Design centre, but I will leave it at just that.

Later in the day The BootyJive crew from Germany were on the menu on the Coca Cola Green, but of course only for a little while because our Sister’s Day Out was whiling down.
I hope we get to do this again (@ChipoLace and I) because sometimes there is not enough time to appreciate our siblings, try something new and just go with the flow. I would know this because I’m a blogger and half the time she doesn’t get it (or even why I tweet and Instagram a lot). So times like these are good for bonding whilst swaying to Tcheka. So now I turn to you, what is the one activity you do with your sibling to bond (an activity that is not shopping)? It could be a brother or sister? Do share with me.

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Yours in Glamour,


Telecel Main Stage before Tcheka.
Now with Tcheka and his bandmates.
Reluctant Rebel fashion. Matching bags, shoes and jeans! #CasualChic

Royal Norwegian Embassy Global Quarter Craft and Design Centre

Pieces by Fatima of Goddess
Take a closer look at that neckpiece made out of buttons! How cool!.

A creative way to use recycled cans.
These brightly coloured sling bags were $60 each, made of real leather.

Remember my blogpost Live Laugh Love.. It's my favourite one to date.
I remember this beautiful neckpiece was $15. I love necklaces (and yes it's rubbing onto my sister).
As we exited, we gave one last look. #HIFA2014.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Zimbabwe In Design at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ).

I will be bluntly honest that my first preference was to attend HIFAshion’s Vintage Wedding at 11am and hope over to check out Zimbabwe In Design an the National Gallery at 12pm. I had already planned my whole day way in advance, attend two shows and hop off to varsity for my afternoon lecture scheduled for 2pm (all this planned for 30 April 2014 by the way). But truth be told my savings were not looking up, because I had just got my hair done, did not get that HIFA media accreditation I applied for (apparently I’m not a registered journalist), and of course I had already received my invite from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe with detail on what the Zimbabwe In Design initiative was all about. So that Wednesday was a “I’m gonna let it swing” kinda day; and with that “swing” I attended the best and my first art exhibition.

Opening remarks where by Doreen Sibanda (with the exhibition co-curated by Doreen herself and Tandazani Dhlakama), which proceeded at exactly 12pm to a room almost full with eager guests (which was beautiful because my assumption was that everyone would be attending to HIFA right outside, so it was lovely to see a good turnout, with an appearance by Tsitsi and Daniel Mutendi of JEWEL magazine, where Tsitsi was adorned in Mucha Couture from head to toe).

Exhibitors in question covered the array of the creative arts department, where music, fashion, sculpture, architecture and furniture all combined under one roof, all Proudly Zimbabwean pieces (which were also up for purchase). Guests were treated to light snacks and bubbly by revolving waiters, and well Frank Mandangu finally showed his face (the Media and Publicity gentleman from NGZ). Of course being a fashion blogger, my first entrance was the Fashion department which comprised of De Moyo (I must say I was finally glad to meet the woman behind this talked about label), Mucha Couture, Rungano Rwedu, Vongai Designs and Urban Wide streetwear (which recently launched in 2013). Home furniture was graced by Home Grown Handcrafted, which displayed exquisite designs in leather, ostrich leather and goat skin samples.

I appreciated how design wasn’t just left to Fashion; which is what I’m usually used to; the application of architecture and creativity to clothing. This time around I saw a whole new era of design, which encompasses pieces of wood, glass, fabric, teabags, leather and digital printing. The arena of design encompasses a whole different spectrum of the mind, something that we all need to appreciate and one that requires our attention. Furthermore, I do believe the #ZimbabweInDesign Expo is a great initiative to kick-start our textile industry because the labour is more than readily available, and young Zimbabweans are bursting with innate talent that requires a good motivation and capital to give them a head-start! Zimbabwe In Design Expo is absolutely FREE which means it’s free for you to walk in and appreciate Zimbabwean design straight from the heart of our design gurus! The Expo runs from 30 April to end of May 2014.

Yours in Glamour (and Blogging Design),
Tendai Sophia

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Part of the crowd that attended the opening remarks.

 DeMoyo by Paidemoyo Chideya

This jacket was made for me. My favourite piece on Display.
Beautiful blue cocktail dress. Can also be worn to a formal function, wedding or a fab dinner party.
Perfect for a vintage wedding inspiration, with the crotchet and underlay.

The designer in question, Paidemoyo Chideya looking fab in rolled up cigarette pants, a striped top, chic black blazer and snakeskin heels. Love the turban.

Mbira Centre

 Mucha Couture

 Urban Wide Street Wear

Rungano Rwedu

Rungano Rwedu is not new to Signature Toscie. They can also be found on my Instagram account and previous blogposts.

I was Assistant Stylist for this shoot whilst under Zim Fashionista and Shamiso Ruzvidzo with Catherine Ruze models.

Modelling Rungano Rwedu

 Home Grown HandCrafted

Art Pieces on Display

Avant Garde Fashion

I'm always intrigued by Fashion but with a twist. Avant Garde fashion always has a story behind it, hence unorthodox materials are used.

Tana Africa crocodile handbags and gameskin accessories.

The one thing that every woman need; the Little Black Dress.
And of course what's a LBD without detail.

Depicting the currency inflation period into a work of art?..

The Ndau Collection

Pieces by The Ndau Collection.

Crocodile skin belt by The Ndau Collection.

Digital Printing simply titled "Bob"

My Ensemble on the Day (also on Instagram)