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My GlamList from 2012 to 2013

My Glam list is some of the pieces I admired in 2012 on the runway, editorials and celebs in the fashion scene and in which I want 2013 to continue to rock in. Some of these pieces scream SIGNATURE TOSCIE (being totally me in style!), and I thought why not share clothing that I’m drooling over right now (especially in the summer season). Check my Top 10 Glam List:
The High-Low fashion blouse
The high-low style has been around for quite abit especially in tank tops and slouchy tee shirts, but now it has been incorporated in blouses (which I absolutely love). I love the femininity and sensual-ness attached to these pieces.
The High-Low dress
I’ve spotted this dress in and around stores in town but I fell in love with it even more after I saw Blake Lively’s character Serena in Gossip Girl Season 6 rocking it in a lime green colour. It’s simple yet elegant and fun. You gotta love this dress for that flowing effect in the wind.

High-Low dresses by Wisteria Lane Zim
The Satchel Purse
This retro 1950s looking bag reminds me of old school satchel backpacks which is characteristic with the 50s classic era that I love. The design is quirky yet classy and is perfect in leather especially brown). Only because I adore leather purses.
Steve Madden Satchel purse courtesy of
Satchel inspired purse at Sapatos, Joina City
Satchel-inspired purse at Sapatos Joina City, fetching at $50
The Cat Eye Sunnies
The cat eye sunnies are just darn fierce with that 50s glam persona once again. Inspired by the feline eyes of a cat, these are a sassy pair for the summer and are just beautiful in my eyes and potential collection.
Purr-ying to Perfection
From Cosmopolitan South-Africa
The Peplum
Another ferocious 50s trend making a strong comeback is the peplum; either a peplum dress, a peplum blouse, peplum skirt or pants. It’s very ladylike and classy; kinda reminds you of something that Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O would rock. I’m glad the 50s are making such an influence; it’s my favourite fashion era!
Peplum Blouse by Wisteria Lane Zim
Peplum Dresses
The Java African Print Dress
Prints are popular and divine this summer season, from Aztec prints, floral prints and androgynous prints. I, however am in love with the Java African print that I spotted by Mucha designs in Jewel magazines’ 11th and 12th issue.
The Two-toned Wedge
Its no doubt that the high heeled wedge is Popular this season with a capital ‘P’. In a range of bold, eclectic and eccentric colours and designs matched with a high-low dress, maxi dress or skinny jeans with a blazer. I would die to have the two- toned wedge such as the one here I spotted at Nicia Boutique (Sam Levy Village) in October.

Embellished Collar Shirt
This is actually a neck piece that you wear on your shirt collar so that it looks embellished. It’s a bold piece if jewellery that can pretty much draws attention from a mile away without having to say a word. An embellished collar can be fun and feminine, sophisticated or edgy like Rihanna. You can buy an embellished collar shirt or buy a strikingly bold necklace that is huge and covers your neck area. I want one!

Courtesy of
Courtesy of
Courtesy of
The White Blazer
Classic-ness at its best in sheer white. It screams elegance for me and lady sophistication. This is something I want to own rather than a striped or colour blocked blazer. (Glamour SA Fashion Editor Bronwyn Day)

The brogue-court shoe
This shoe is so quirky and fun with a whole lot of boho chic edge. Its the perfect heel that is versatile and yet comfortable without over-bearing my height.

Courtesy of
Dream Gagdet: Iphone 5
Recently launched in December in South-Africa, I definitely admire this phone and as a blogger I feel obliged that I should own it. I don’t know my techno that much but I know this phone will fit my Fierce and Glam persona in my purse whilst snapping fast pics of fast forward moving fashionistas in Harare. Stunning at its best (especially in my hands).
Courtesy of

This is my glam list for 2012/2013. What’s yours?

Stay Gorg and Glam

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