Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My New Adventure

So it's been a while since i've blogged. I've been super busy with a few new projects that i've been working on, personal ones to the least. As a young lady i don't want to be about fashion or just be a girl that loves and blogs about fashion, i want to be more; to represent fashion. So now i feel more than befitting to share my new adventure. Not only am i my own fashion blogger, JEWEL magazine contributor and juggling my BSc degree in Sociology but you are also now looking at the new assistant for Runway Productions! Yep, I wanted to go a step higher in Zim Fashion and be an individual who speaks fashion and to be honest i feel this is a perfect start for me. Even more I have been a big fan of Zim Fashionista wayback into my french days by Alliance Francaise Harare and Hello Harare/Zimbo Jam was nextdoor. I dont know how i'll be able to juggle school and work but i'm more than excited to find out. So far i've been having soo much fun going to photoshoots and meeting innovative Zimbabwean individuals. Although i've had my fair share in slip-ups and wardrobe malfunctions, i only plan to grow bigger and more gorgeous. (I chuckle as i write this). My style still has a long way to go! I believe in chasing my dream and my road has just started, wish me all the Blessings!

Stay Gorg and Glam


  1. I love Mellissa's work, true inspiration and hard working lady

    1. She is really amazing and pretty cool. I'm grateful that she is patient with me, cause i'm learning.