Monday, 29 October 2012

Harare Store Review: Nicia Shoe Boutique

 Calling all shoe lovers in H-town! Over the weekend I spotted a brand new shoe boutique called Nicia, (with divine decor to match) at Sam Levy Village at the old clicks building opposite old Barbours Department Store, which has top of the range, South African label shoes and accessories! Labels such as Plum shoes, Sissy Boy and Sass Diva jewellery all at a pretty price tag (bear in mind these shoes are from South Africa and are featured in headlining fashion magazine editorials and photo spreads), if you are a fashionista with a shoe fetish (who loves a good heel) and has a limitless credit card in tow, then this store has your name written all over it! OR if you want to invest in a fabulous pair of heels that will be your personal prized possession, then pop by Nicia and have a look. They have a lay-bye procedure with a 50% on the original cost and remainder to be paid within 30 days.

They have some fabulous pairs of high heels!

Stay Gorg and Glam,
How divine is this two-toned shoe?!

 The boutique Decor;

Sass Diva Jewellery;


  1. Cool what was the price tag of the dress and the shoes???

    1. Unfortunately i didn't check the price of the dress on display but the shoes esp the two-toned one and gladiator heel start at $80.00 (rounded figure) and the jewelry is from $15.00. So most of their shoes are from $60-70 and above.