Tuesday, 1 April 2014

First Quarter of 2014: What I’ve Been Up To.

It’s already three months into the year 2014, and I must say it been off to a good start. It’s the first quarter so I thought to share what yours truly has been up to, and to get you geared up for April and the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. To start off I rebranded the blog, I broke down all of my favourite and most sentimental topics about all that is Zimbabwe and Harare fashion into easy and accessible tabs just for you! And I launched a brand new logo, which has received a lot of love, so Thank You. January was an exciting month because I did my first live blog interview with a designer, Natasha Kagoro of Black Excellence and I shared a guest blog article with shoe blogger Linda Dulani of the Shoe Tribe. Furthermore the 2014 Awards Season centred around rising Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o and her amazing red carpet choices, that yours truly had to give a shout out to the African beauty.

February was a super stylish and fashion forward month; I interviewed a young, up and coming male designer Takudzwa Chikumbirike (second male designer on my blog), with his label House of Azalion. In the same month I plaited my hair, opened an Instagram account-yay (@tendaitoscie), and started a new gig as the Contributing Fashion Writer for the digital online magazine, Infinity Magazine; officially launching my rant over #TheGLAMProject styling (yes, its real). In the same month I was glad to attend the Meet the Industry brunch for FWZ 2014 hosted by Shamiso Ruzvidzo where I got to meet Style Maestro and Contributor to Deck Magazine Craig Zoowie (the same feature can be also be found on Deck Magazine with photos courtesy of Tnash Photography). For the brunch, I opted to wear my multi-coloured striped Henry Holland for Mr.Price dress which photographed super well (accompanied with my big cheery smile and my ability to clown my face *hides*).

INFINITY Magazine, current Issue 4

The month of March sealed of that first quarter of 2014 with a girls date to Vault Cosmetics make up studio and celebrating International Women’s Day 2014 with an inspirational article (one which was overdue because I felt I hadn't brought that to the blog for a while now). March was a busy month for me at school so unfortunately I was not able to cover a designer interview, but April will be that month I bring you a new designer.

Speaking of April, HIFA 2014 is just weeks away and what better way to start preparing than getting geared up for HIFAshion’s Trash Queen show, and of course your festival gear. HIFA’s theme this year is to get you Switch(ed) On, and what better way to do that than to switch on to 6 days of fun fun fun in Harare Gardens! Let’s also not forget Easter! It’s the second best family holiday season after Christmas, so lots of food, family, break(ing) and Easter Eggs (also gigs blow up this month, just to say bye bye to the sunny summer and welcoming home-y nights in for the winter).

So that was the Signature Toscie first quarterly fix of what is happening on the blog and the fashion scene in Harare. I’m writing this hoping that this year I will cover HIFA for you, because I’m becoming more and more busy as school slowly draws to a close for me (final year, final sem). So here’s to wishing me all the best and lots of hard work ahead.

Yours in Glamour,


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