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Becoming My Own Woman: Embracing Femininity

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March, the significance behind it is to celebrate women and their work and courageousness. According to the International Women’s Day website, the primary aim is to celebrate the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action. The 2014 theme for IWD is Inspiring Change.

Growing up, I’ve always been inspired by femininity, glamour and female empowerment (hence change, and of course my project which covers young women at the forefront). I think I knew from a young age I wanted to be extraordinary, I just wasn't sure how. I remember my primary inspiration came from Media and Fashion. Yes, fashion is a bit obvious and at times it can be labelled shallow because all it really seems to occupy is clothes! But what most people don’t understand is that there’s more to fashion than just clothes. You can add in photography, graphic designing, image consultancy, business and marketing. So there’s a lot that goes on into the aspect of Fashion.

But alas, my inspiring change for International Women’s Day just comes from me. I’ve gone through a lot of stages in my life; from pretty little girl, to music-wannabe, to pre-teen fever, to my first pink outfit, to my first goth moment (just a phase), to starting over and finding myself, and now to me. A young woman who loves being silly, experimenting with new ideas, working on my fashion blog and chasing my dream whilst trying to look good through it all! Now my inspiring change is to become a Harare stylist and help young women dress, and my first start is my blog.

Basically my inspiring change has always been within me. I’ve realised I’ve inspired a lot of people around me just through my choices in clothing and fabric. I say this because I’ve gone as far as helping my friends to dress up and letting them copy because I just thought its ok. Sure it’s a bit obvious that all girlfriends dress up together, but I believe every situation is a bit different and has a story to it. It’s never dawned onto me that my quirkiness is admired by someone else (maybe it’s because I’ve finally mastered the art of dressing my tiny frame, which has been a journey on its own). It’s only recently that my weird feminine, classy fetish self has rubbed off on the most unlikely people. Why I say this? Everything I do is customized or try to customise it. When I’ve an assignment, I scribble my notes with a colour pen (pink or purple is my preference). And when I buy accessories, I believe it has to have life to it, which means it should have colour or be coordinative. I’m not someone who is an avid trend follower, but someone who is always busy creating something (sometimes I don’t know what it is). But what inspires me is everything around me.

I remember Mercy Mushaninga; as my mentor she taught me the ropes to being functional with your everyday choices; in other words work around your lifestyle, dress around your lifestyle so that you can be the best person you can be. In other words be who you dream yourself to be, and inspire other people along the way (If you imagine it, you might as well live it). I’ve been learning and teaching myself for the past two years to apply this, and I’m getting better at it with each remembrance.

Embraced being a woman is an interesting adventure. I will give an example of classic- feminine silhouettes that are old-school but coming back with a serious bang, especially during a time where being edgy and super sexy has become the order of the day. I've come to embrace the other side of fashion which is much more flirty, demure, dressy (with a snark of edge) without being too competitive, under-dressed and lost in Hip-hop trends. Its just headstrong and contemporary.

My blog has built me into becoming my own woman, incorporating my new logo.
For 2014, my inspiring change wish is to see women become their own and not conform to media expectations (its easier said than done). I think i'm becoming more comfortable and acceptable with whom I'm (societal expectation for tiny people is thin, which is NOT always the case nor true), and who I'm becoming because I know I still have a journey into my self discovery, but I have realised I stumble upon the same little details, for instance the colour Pink! I've realised its not a shame to embrace the colour pink because its a recurring element in my life (and I've realised it's becoming a part of my own woman). Be a better version of yourself and not that of popular culture (I'm siding with Jurgen Habermas and his theory in reason and rationalisation through communicative action - critical theory and social construction). Men never really succumb to societal and media expectations, so I personally urge you to become your own woman.

Stay gorgeous and glamourous,

Being inspired by Grown Woman.
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