Monday, 24 February 2014

My Weekend Ensemble: Henry Holland Poppy Dress

This blogpost is exciting for me because of two factors;

1. I got my Signature hairstyle back! Tiny micro-braids that are super functional for me, they look great on me which makes them my fave. The braids are actually a weave by the name of Nubian Lock for Outre hair products, which goes for $7.oo per pack.

2. I wore my Henry Holland Poppy Dress for Mr. Price South Africa to Meet The Industry networking on Saturday 22 February at the Queen of Hearts cafe in Highlands, Harare.

I spotted the Henry Holland Dress on a mannequin in a new store corner Herbert Chitepo and Second street extension/Sam Nujoma street. I admire Henry Holland's designs and i'm a huge fan of his material and graphics, so when i spotted this dress in Zimbabwe, it was just meant to be. Interestingly enough the little store (with the name of Just Fab) sells only Mr. Price Apparel, so i'm guessing the owner is trying to diversify (not sure how though).

So this dress was worn by Kelly Osbourne in the Mr. Price Nov/Dec 2013 lookbook in collaboration with the Red Cap Foundation in South-Africa. Out of all of the Henry Holland Exclusive pieces, the Poppy dress was the highlight for me (I know its just a lookbook but there's alot that goes on in my mind when i go through them). The details in the stripes is my favourite thing about this dress, i love stripes and have only worn Breton stripes (black and white tiny stripes), so a multi-coloured dress with a horizontal pitch was a first for me. Second of all this dress is cute and short, which makes it pretty great for summer with the length and the vibrant colours.

I paired my Poppy dress with a black Peplum jacket, chunky necklace, black tote and nude pumps; keeping everything else neutral whilst letting the dress be the highlight for the whole ensemble. I wore this dress to the perfect occasion which was the Meet The Industry networking organised by Shamiso Ruzvidzo of Catherine Ruze modelling agency and Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014. A separate post will be done for the networking event, but it was a small brunch, so to say, that brought together some of professionals in the Fashion Industry in Zimbabwe, that included photographers, designers, stylists, fashion bloggers (just myself), retailers and models.

My hair was in a top-knot bun, fuss free and out of my face so that i can easily network.

So...this is how i styled a multi-coloured dress; a little illustration of my styling strategy which is The GLAM Project.

Signing out with lots of love and chic fashion...

Yours in Glamour,

Mademoiselle Signature Toscie

The Poppy Delevigne dress, as worn by Kelly Osbourne for Henry Holland Mr. Price SA.
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