Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Weekend Ensemble: Floral Maxi Dress

“Go Forth and GlamouRIZE” is the closing statement by my favourite South African magazine editor for Glamour SA Pnina Fenster. It may not have much of a relevance to this post but I started this week off on a pretty good note. For starters, my styling venture “The GLAM Project”, had an official launch in the 4th issue of Infinity Magazine (released Saturday), where I’m currently the Fashion and Styling contributing writer. I’m lending a hand to my good friend and Editor of the mag Sophia Michelle Chitemere (our line of friendship stems from our little sisters’ friendship). So its pretty exciting to say I'm broadening my horizon. I plan to do a blogpost very soon to let you in on my current fashion projects (which is besides school).  

So onto this week's Weekend Ensemble, which is my very floral strapless Mr. Price summer maxi dress that I purchased way back in 2010. I have had this sunny yummy dress for a while now but had not posted about it, and well Sunday, was a good day to give it that opportunity. I paired my maxi dress with my pink blazer, my favourite signature studded clutch (as always) from Mr. Price, bobble neckpiece from Bling Bling stores, topped off with blue summer sandals that I have featured here. I chose to channel a side swept hairstyle with my braids that I plaited into a braid and tucked in at the back.

My whole vibe right now is to embrace a lot of feminine pieces and that exciting essence of summer by wearing lots of skirts and dresses. I wish I had discovered the beauty of all of this a little bit earlier on in my life, because I will admit I might have spent half my life in denim and pants. But alas, it’s never too late to embrace just about anything, and right now is the perfect time for me.

I hope you love this ensemble as much as I enjoyed flaunting it during the weekend.

Yours in Glamour,
A clutch adds an understated glam.
You could take this look to a braai or a girls day out.