Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Boutique: Vault Cosmetics

Upscale, adorable and super Chic is how best I can describe the interior decor of the beauty boutique that is Vault Cosmetics, the brain-child by Zimbabwean born and American based make-up artist Jackie Mgido. Jackie Mgido resides between Zimbabwe and America (where in Zimbabwe is her Vault Studio and America is her work-station). Vault Cosmetics has been a hot commodity make-up studio and make up line for quite some time now having launched sometime in early 2012. Their make-up artistry has been featured in a lot of local fashion projects, that include red carpet for Tsitsi Mutendi (whom they work closely with for the shoots for Jewel Magazine, and they did Lochnation's make-up for her cover shoot back in 2013).

Recently, Vault Cosmetics launched a lipstick line with Big Brother 2013 winner Dillish Matthews at an evening soiree hosted on the 13th of February. The Dillish Lipstick range covers Lipglosses for $12 and Matte Lipstick for $15. The full event and an interview with Dillish is covered in the March online issue of Infinity Magazine (where you will find yours truly in the Fashion and Style section with The GLAM Project).

Last week Thursday was my first visit to the studio with @TatRobin on our first hangout as bloggers (which was fun if I must say), and their studio is based upstairs. Originally the studio was based in Avondale along King George road under the Emirates Building complex, and they moved to Arundel Village in late 2013, to a much more accessible and epi-centre shopping location. You wont miss the studio because its a wide open entrance, with make-up displayed on compartments on each side.

I however didn't get a makeover but I was more than glad to watch @TatRobin getting glammed up or "vaulted" by the Vault Cosmetics team, with a make-up session and threading afterwards. I'm no make-up marvel, so on that particular day I learned and picked up quite a few tit-bits on applying make-up and the process of keeping it on for the whole day. My make-up is usually basic, which is your eye shadow, mascara and lipgloss. So its safe to say that I cannot wait for the day to come when I get my vaulted look.

Vault Cosmetics is open from Tuesday to Saturday (not on Mondays), from 10am-5pm. Address is 1 Quorn Avenue, Arundel Village Suite 25. Some of their products include foundations, powders, lipstick, concealers, liners, lashes, mascara, threading and of course a Signature Vault makeover for $25 (bonus if you purchase something during your makeover tutorial).

Vault Social Media Platforms;

Thanks to the Vault Team and TatRobin, I've a new found appreciation for makeup (I'm starting to save for my very own Vault lipgloss).

Yours in Absolute Glam!

Tatenda having her make up done by Make-up artist Doreen.
Vault Cosmetics logo
Dillish Lipstick Launch party back in February. Evening decor was done by VIP Hostings Zim

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