Friday, 5 October 2012

Paris Fashion Week Intro

Paris Fashion Week in the glamorous city of Paris, France; ran from the 25 of September to the 3rd of October and as an avid bilingual French speaking individual (did I mention French loving couture as well), I possibly could not be left behind in some of the fabulous fashion festivities in my favourite off-shore city (Harare is my number 1)! I maybe in Africa but that does not stop me from broadening my horizons, dreaming big Empire! Top of the range designers were showcasing their collections for Spring/Summer 2013 and since it’s already spring down south, I thought it was more than befitting for me to share some of the looks that are Spring Fashion!

All the collections I’m sharing are some of the pieces I admired as well as the designers. These collections represent who I’m through and through from the colours to the details on the garment to the jewellery and the hair. I looked at what Tendai Sophia would wear in a day in the name of my Glamour thesis. My focus wasn’t on the top range designers but more on the sensation behind the design as well as their theme. I vastly admired Alex Mabille, Tracy Reese, DSquared and the Louis Vuitton men’s collection.

I’m loving the City of Lights!

So the next three postings are all on the designers I admired. Happy Reading Empire!

Alex Mabille

Alex Mabille's collection was ladylike with feminine pieces consisting of bright colours and my favourite clothing right now which is the thin knit jersey. I was also inspired by the shirt collar pieces and the checked ladies shirt in the blues and pinks. A very lovely collection in my opinion that can be incorporated in everyday life. Very Uber Stylish for me.

The exaggerated collar on the blouse

The Blue Checked shirt

The Pink Checked shirt

I would wear these pieces everyday as they are not only stylish but comfortable-looking and totall wearable

The thin knit jersey or Pullover jersey

The feminine collar. I'm loving the lace detail on the shoulders.

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