Thursday, 25 October 2012

My First Fashion Article!

My first ever fashion article was in French! (Can you believe it?!). I wrote this article whilst doing my French studies at Alliance Francaise Harare and my teacher at the time (Mr. Gilbert Rwamatwara) asked students to write up something on any topic they liked, be it sports, technology, media or the news and I choose FASHION! At the time it was a crazy idea and when I saw my article for the first time in the AF magazine, I was excited and felt stupid at the same time cause I didn’t write something that was real and current events (even though my teacher said it was a good way of applying your French). But looking back I’m very proud that I was honest with myself and what I fancied! I even mentioned my favourite Glamour SA magazine and three favourite fashion cities, and to be honest nothing much has changed. I’m still a Devoted Glamour Girl (with a capital DGG)!
I would translate the article for you, but it’s more fun to see your reaction and indulge in my work!

French and Fashion go hand in hand!

Stay Gorg and glam!

My first article *cringes at the picture*. The scarf obsession hasn't changed!

Alliance Francaise magazine; Ca bouge a l'Alliance, where my little article was published.

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