Friday, 3 January 2014

Highlights Of The Year 2013

2013 was a year filled with a lot more downs than ups, but with some negative energy, there’s always something positive to remember. So for 2013, here’s my list of top highlights;
My Pixie Cut 
Greatest decision I have made was finally getting an edgier shorter crop. I had always admired Halle Berry and Pink’s hair, not forgetting South-Africa’s Gail Mabalane (nee Nkoane). So this year in March I took my Glamour magazine and last bit of my salary for that month and went to the Scandals salon by the Travel Plaza along Mazowe street in Harare and chopped off my locks! Best moment for me for just those two months and I got the most overwhelming response because I found a look that I really liked. Unfortunately after just two months, I chopped off all my hair and since then I’ve been planning a comeback (crosses fingers it happens in 2014).

Deck Magazine Feature 
Second best highlight for me was the feature of my blog post on “There’s just something about African Print and Pink Lips”, on the online magazine Deck Magazine. That awesome feeling lasted for about two weeks for me because my usual platform was on JEWEL magazine, so it was a lovely experience branching out on a new platform. A big thanks to the Deck magazine team and their founder Gilmore T Moyo @GilmoreTee.
Fashion weekend Zimbabwe 2013 
Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2013 was the most anticipated fashion event for the year alongside Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013. Having started its promotional preparation in January 2013 with the notion of a 3 day weekend fiesta in October; it moved along during the year with Designer competitions and a press conference breakfast that saw the date changing to a one day evening event with luxe gala tickets and a fab dinner. As any new event it had it glitches and flaws but on my part I think it went absolutely well, especially for a first timer and a newcomer for Shamiso Ruzvidzo. It brought new design innovations to the table and opened our eyes to new designers. The theme was also intact with that fusion of fashion, food and music, with the fashion being centrally focused on local proudly Zimbabwean designs. Unfortunately I didn’t have the buffet dinner since I was media, but from my view it looked quite scrumptious and well-executed. Not only that but I also thank FWZ for the new friendships I have brewed with the designers. Here’s to looking forward to a big and fab FWZ 2014 (I hear preparations are already underway).

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013 
2013 was the year I attend my first shows to Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013. Unfortunately ZFW did not live up to its “premier fashion show” expectation. Most of the fashion shows were behind schedule by two hours to the least and there were quite a few slip ups on the runway by the models. Furthermore the designer capsule outside the tent was poorly exhibited. The brighter side though was that the designers brought their designs to life and I particularly enjoyed the Young Designers Programme and Znorzi Adby. Furthermore Gavin Rajah’s collection stole the show and I also heard Tamara Dey and her band, The Flash Republic gave a stunning performance that evening (I still kick myself till this day for not getting that photo op with her!! Dear, God!!!). I’m hoping ZFW switches it up and brings their ‘A’ game in 2014 because I still believe in them. Every now and then we all stumble and fall, and for ZFW it happened in 2013; so here’s to crossing my fingers for a stellar performance planned for 2014.

My Pink and Tuxedo blazers 
How can yours truly end this list without the one thing that dominates my closet and the one trend that I have traditionally followed as  a young woman?! Oh yes, I LOVE my blazer jackets and my collection continues to grow. Last year it was all about my grey blazer with the leopard print lining (love it to bits), this year I flooded my blog with my blush pink blazer from Truworths; and just recently I purchased my very first tuxedo blazer in green for Christmas (which I wore before Christmas by the way). I think blazers will always be timeless, they work with anything and everything and you can shift them from day to night, from the office to the happy hour! In 2014 I must save for an African print blazer.

So there you have it! Signature Toscie’s annual year-end Highlights for the year. 2013 showed some testing times but I still raise my glass to new awesome and memorable discoveries for 2014.

Yours in Glamour,

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