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2013 had come and now has gone. The GlamList 2014 looks back at some of the fashion trends that defined 2013, and is also a prediction of the same trends that might flow over into 2014. So here you have it, my Top 10 Glam list from 2013;
A lot of print this year onto clothing, which was not only on the international scale but also on our local shores. Case in point is Tanya Nerfetari’s Mod-Clashing print collection for FWZ and Znzorzi Adby’s floral incorporation into his collection for ZFW. Looking at prints this year, there were Floral, Stripes, African, Aztec, Paisley and the Graphic print Chevron (which I’m still to acquaint myself with, but such a beautiful print). And once again African is my main focus because it was really quite a popular fixture on fashion blogs and a lot of the magazines I read. So it is safe assured that prints will always be here to stay, it all depends on how you incorporate them.

Print dresses at Passport Boutique Hre.
Floral print skirt also at Passport. 
On the runway at ZFW 2013, print dresses by Goddess.
Circle/Midi Skirt 
The circle skirt is cute, fun and girly, and is a 1950s silhouette (only this time around it has come back shorter and much more flirter!). the midi and circle skirt have just about the same silhouette, with the midi skirt having a less bounce and no petticoat and the circle skirt has all that including pleats. The skater skirt however has no pleats, no bouncy detail (if any maybe a little) and is shorter, just above the knee. In a nutshell, the differences here are not all that visible, and in some cases they all look the same (I know, it confuses me too).

My circle skirt I wore for ZFW 2013.
Skater skirt as worn by Superficial Girls blogger, Carlinn
Clutch control 
I love how this evening bag has been immortalised for the day. Even though it’s still traditionally for the evening, you can still take your clutch out during the day as a fashion statement.
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Statement Jewellery 
Statement jewellery was big this year (and of course yours truly could not be left out). It was either you go BIG or you go home with heavy chokers, big bobbles, chain link pieces, gemstone neckpieces and a lot of custom androgynous pieces such as an animal skull neck chain, bones (not real of course), owl and spikes. Statement bling was heavy, chunky, bold and complemented your outfit. Another quick trick was to layer two or three neck chains to give that chunky feel.

Photos; Internet sourced

Nail Art 
Nail Art was just as bold as the statement jewellery was, with new innovations and quirky designs such as the stiletto nail and the Christian Louboutin nail. The stiletto nail was your traditional French manicure but with stiletto inspired tips instead of the traditional square. The Louboutin nail was truly inspired by the Christian Louboutin red sole; the insides of your nail are of course painted red like the infamous red sole, and well the outside is any manicure colour you desired. Other fun nail art was to go monochrome with one solid neon or deep colour (oxblood, ombre or silver), OR either two-tone colours by going dotty with polka dots or having fun with stripes. So really, you could express your personality through nail art.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
I only took notice of Aviators when I witnessed just how popular they have become in Harare. So I’m sure all of us now that Aviators are synonymous with pilots and the police force (in America of course) but if you follow fashion religiously then you would also know that aviators are a bold statement piece that has stood the test of time. So in 2014, get a pair of aviators (note to self and to you).

Aviators on Rihanna
Short Hair 
I’m not only writing this because I have short hair and cut my hair as well, but yes short hair was the way to go in 2013. Ladies had their pixie cuts and excel and well the gentlemen were already ahead of the pack! I personally have grown to like short hair because it is functional, fuss free and super friendly on your pocket; but this is not a guarantee that I won’t grow my hair in 2014. Popular short hair trendsetters I picked up where Gail Mabalane, Pokello and Chrissette Michele with her beautiful honey/blonde brown haircut in that Forever ever ever video, and of course myself. I haven’t been too afraid to show that I cut my locks.

The Cuff Sandal 
The cuff sandal-strap heel is just stylish and modern. I adore this petite heel because it’s classy and versatile, and I believe it works with just about anything. It can be both fun and serious, and has a great transition from day to night. It’s not too high and not too low, kinda that pretty heel that HAS to be a staple piece in your closet. Shoe lovers know that Rihanna was the epitome of this shoe. I could see myself in my blue summer frock with this heel!

The Winter Cape Coat 
The Cape coat isn’t your ordinary buttoned up winter coat, and that’s what I love about it. It’s got wide exaggerated arms and a cinched in waits. I’m only writing about this because I bought a cape coat for the winter and I love it. A lot of people thought I was crazy (including my dear mom), but I know this is one piece that will come back because there’s just something about it that makes it a wow factor.

The Flaired Denim 
Stop the skinny jean for a minute and put some flair in your step! Basically go retro and tuck in your shirt into your pants to give you an elongated illusion and look Glamorous! What’s great about flair denim is that they look great on pretty much every bum, and that flair at the bottom draws more attention to the cut of the jean and the design, not soo much the curve (if you get what I mean).

So there you have it, my Glamlist! Running down some of the trends in 2013. I think this fashion era is my best era yet because a lot of the 1950s  and 1980s silhouettes and cuts are coming back in a big way; and knowing that I adore the 50s era, for this moment I’m having a ball with fashion right now. 2012's Glam list also featured a few 1950s inspired trends, so you can look back there to get a better feel.
All the same, here’s to another trend watch in 2014!
Stay Gorg and Glam,

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