Friday, 6 September 2013

ZFW 2013 Experience (Ed 1)

On Saturday 31 August 2013, yours truly got to attend Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013 at Sam Levy Village (my first Fashion Week). Now it being Day 3 and the final day, I was particularly excited to see the YDP (Young Designers Programme) which was scheduled for 16.00 hours (4pm), but unfortunately it started a tad bit late. But since this is the introduction, I will share with you just what i got up to before the show. I arrived at a pretty good time (at 15.30), with a little haze because I thought I was late (having planned to be there by 15.00). The car park was a little empty so I took this opportunity to check out the designer exhibitions (The Fashion Passage) outside the tent and ask a few questions and get my pass/ tag from the lovely Coco by the ZFW booth outside. There were three (3) exhibitors I particularly took notice of, being; Lady Targaryen, Moi Amara and Dunamis Bespoq Kouture.

The ZFW Booth next to the tent opening. Designer Coco in the leopard print jacket there.
Now Lady Targaryen is featured in the recent issue of JEWEL magazine (with Lochnation on the cover), and they specialise in ladies designer leather handbags (which were also featured in Znzarzi Adby fashion show later in the evening). Now these guys also have a new range of men’s leather carry-all bags (Duffel bags), all of which is manufactured in Ethiopia. Next, I checked out Moi Amara by Jenika; now I’m not new to Moi Amara, having worked with Jenika under Runway Productions for her clothing line lookbook earlier in the year (check out the website for the stunning photos by Colin Meda, as well as on Facebook). It was quite delightful catching up with her and viewing her new pieces on display; felt like catching up with an old friend.

The Moi Amara stand.

Its abit fuzzy, but there is Lady Targaryen
Next up, I spotted Dumanis Bespoq Kouture which was a men’s clothing range. Unfortunately I didn’t mingle with the gentlemen as the show was just about to start.
So I have decided to make My ZFW 2013 Experience into a 7 part series (in Editions) as there is so much I want to share, all which happened in one night! There were some highs and lows with highs being bumping into pop/kwaito musician @TamaraDey. I saw her pass by me but I didn’t do anything about it *shrugs*. With some lows being that the fashion shows were all behind schedule (YDP started at around 16.40), and the dress code wasn’t what I expected, because I dressed up.

Dunamis Bespoq Kouture stand

Outside the tent, before the YDP show.
A sneak peek backstage with Kate Worswick
But needless to say, I had a lovely time hence this being my FIRST fashion week. Having gone alone, I saw a bevy of familiar faces which was great because I felt comfortable and at ease. SHOUTOUT to @RutendoDenise, @TanakaSamukange, @ZimFashionDiary and Nyasha Nhutsve of Nhembe Aleth, she joined me for Znzarzi Adby and Rumbie show.

My outfit for ZFW. A pink circle skirt, black peplum jacket. sheer white blouse and gold envelope clutch from Sapatos.

Stay Gorg and Glam,

DISCLAIMER: These are photos for Signature Toscie Blog taken by Tendai Sophia. There are in no manner professional photos nor editorial photos. For professional photos covering Zimbabwe Fashion Week please visit SIMON DEINER PHOTOGRAPHY or TNASH PHOTOGRAPHY.


  1. I wish i was in zim to enjoy this fashion week. Ps love your skirt i think it would have looked better with heels.

    1. Thank you hun! I went alone so heels weren't an option for me. Keep checking back, i've more to share.