Wednesday, 28 August 2013

S/S Edition (1): There’s just something about Black Cat Eye Sunnies and Brogues

There’s just something about black cat eye sunnies and brogues that sets them both apart but yet so versatile. They are probably the new defining trend for accessories for the past two years or so, both being accessible, stylish, and my personal fave; they are both a signage from the 1950s fashion era (think Marilyn Monroe is white cat-eyes and Audrey Hepburn rocking a mean pair of cigarette pants with a mens’ inspired brogue to finish the look). So what is it about the two of them that I like?!

Well first and foremost cat-eye sunnies are everywhere on the fashion scene (if you don’t own a pair, then you probably should by now) and I especially admire them in black because they can go from day to night (and of course Miss RiRi wears them best) with just about anything!. Furthermore, black cat-eye sunnies have become a style statement for many a celebrity, from music videos, to appearances to a day out shopping; the little cat-eye is just an obsession for me because they are literally everywhere!

Myself in my cat eye sunnies. For now, they go everywhere with me.

Now the brogue! Any living and loving fashionistas knows that the Brogue is actually a mens’ shoe! Yes, its this dandy-quirky androgynous masculine shoe (call it what you what) that has been womanized into something “ohh-so-for-the-ladies”. It still keeps its strong masculine persona by being worn to complete a feminine outfit with a taste of quirkyness to it. Why do I love the brogue?! Well its no doubt comfortable and there’s no doubt its competing against the pump, as every girl’s go to laid back shoe. Its actually also quite versatile because it works with just about everything; from a pretty summer frock to undercut girly shorts! I think it’s great for any casual queen (unfortunately that wouldn’t apply to formal wear).

Myself in a pair of brogues during this winter.
So yes, there’s just something about black cat eye sunnies and brogues that keep growing in my closet. Off course my vote is on my black cat eye sunnies with a touch of purple detail (and yes, they go everywhere with me, best believe I would leave my handbag behind). The next thing that’s just got that little something is clutches! Its time to switch it up from the tote and oversized handbag, to something small, light and stylish!

As always...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

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