Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ZFW 2013 Experience (Ed 4): Rumbie and Znzorzi Adby

This is the fourth and final edition to my ZFW 2013 Experiecne. It was exciting for me that I didn’t know where to begin to I decided I’m going to share all that went down in one night. On this last segment I look at Rumbie designs by Rumbie Muzofa and Pertkot Government by Znzorzi Adby. During these two last shows I was joined by Nyasha Nhutsve who is one of the Top 8 finalists for Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ) in October. Nyasha is not new to my blog, and features in the FWZ blogpost back in July.

The Rumbie Collection in my opinion was very flirty, sultry, fun and really quite elegant and exquisite. One could tell that a lot of work and passion was put into the detail and theme of the collection; it was quite pleasing to watch and very inspiring as well. Now I don’t know much about Miss Rumbie, but this is one designer that I would like the opportunity to meet.

Rumbie by Rumbie

Just pure elegance

Closing credit, Designer Rumbie and her pieces.

 Znzorzi Abdy

Znzorzi Adby by Tinashe Adby Phiri was every bit of Art to me. Yes, it reminded me of something that came out of Alexander McQueen. From the collection to the music in the background and the models blood-drench inspired makeup with the finishing accessory of a kitchen knife (yes, some spectators were squirmish). Why I say Alex McQ is because he was a visionary with an Avant-Garde stance to his is fashion and thus that vision come true. This young man, studying at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) and in his final year depicted as a visionary in my sense. His collection was perfect down to the T, it was a royal/regal essence with the colour purple and the well defined structured jackets on the runway. I would say this young man is a perfectionist because we could hear him shouting backstage. Best work I had seen that evening! Well deserved for the Emerging Designer of the year.

This jacket and pants combo was my absolute FAVOURITE, including the nude pumps

The closing piece

Tinashe Adby Phiri

*Get to know the designer behind Znzorzi Adby on The Royal Fashion Files designer interview.

Last but not least, Zim Fashion Week was lovely. I rarely ever get these opportunities, so when they come my way i do my best to embrace them. It was Such a lovely time in the emporium of fashion, i hope to do this once again in 2014, by attending all the fashion shows. I learn alot from these events. Thank you to the Team of Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013 for having me, it was such a Signatory Pleasure.

 Yours Truly in fashion...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

DISCLAIMER: These are photos for Signature Toscie Blog taken by Tendai Sophia. There are in no manner professional photos nor editorial photos. For professional photos covering Zimbabwe Fashion Week please visit SIMON DEINER PHOTOGRAPHY or TNASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

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