Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ZFW 2013 Experience (Ed 3): JB Couture and LIZA

Third edition to my ZFW2013 Experience, I look at JB Couture by Joanne Burger and LIZA by Kuda Chigariro. What I enjoyed about both these collections was the Nostalgia behind them (yes, I take particular attention to yesteryear pieces and enjoy being a diva, even though I can’t relate to the golden eras). JB Couture was a swimwear range by Joanne, one which comprised of retro swimming attire for the ladies. The collection was a reminiscent of the 60s and 80s era, with what I would like to think of as a little bit of monochrome for the 60s and a lot of splash of colour for the 80s. I would like to think this way because the collection was fun and vibey but also had a lady-like feel especially with the headwraps on the models. Furthermore, the finishing touch to this collection was the Lady Targaryen handbags as the accessories (Lovely), not forgetting the sarongs/cover-ups on the models too. Overall this collection obviously reminded me of a fab poolside summer with a cocktail of course (no beaches in Zimbabwe).  

JB Couture

Splash of colour with a Lady Targaryen tote

This was my favourite swimwear piece. I love the cape with the butterflies.

This particular swimsuit made me think of the 50s because of the high-waist bottoms and the sweetheart halter.
Photo Courtesy of Simon Deiner/SDR Photo


LIZA was every bit of the banging 70s complete with the Afro wig on the models (boogy on doowwn!). Although this collection was definitely a reminiscent of the old days, it was however a modern take to contemporary fashion, with a few fitted dresses and some sheer flowing ones; kinda makes me think of a bohemian feel. For those of you who aren’t so sure, the Afro wig on the models was actually only worn by the black African Americans during the 70s! And they somehow created the disco era (who knew!) But as of now, it’s a whole style revolution going on.

Any who, one of my FAVOURITE pieces in the collection was a pink long sleeved sheer dress, that almost looked like a blouse, it was my fave. When I went backstage, the designer told me it was US$50.00

This was my favourite little pink dress (LPD)
and the back...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

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