Monday, 9 June 2014

My Weekend Ensemble: Print Skirt + Ankle Booties

I wrapped up with the school in the past week, exams finished, now I wait for the fate that my results will bring but I surely hope for the best. In the past week and during the weekend, I have been using my time to read up on some of my favourite SA blogs (Superficial Girls, Baked The Blog and Mr Price’s In The Fashion Loop), trying to find ways to inspire myself to give you and the blog the best content relatable to Harare (I think I’ve succeeded in keeping the blog tres local and talking about Zim fashion, and making my outfits also relatable). So my main focus is to make the blog better especially with the photos. It’s been two years on and still my main goal is to give you high definition photos; which I’m still working on – cellphone photos aren’t making the cut for me anymore (hence I’ve opted to slow it down on the outfit posts). So I’ll keep you posted on that endeavour.

So my student life is temporarily over (Although I miss it already), but I guess it means more time to work on the blog. I’ve quite a few posts already lined up, one which is way overdue on Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla recent fashion (did you see her evening gown on the MTV MAMA’s 2014 show?! Gorg, right!). Anyway onto the business of the day, is a style post with my vintage print skirt (that I believe is a 2 in 1 because it’s a midi skirt on which I altered the hem into somewhat a circle skirt, but still looks like a midi..) and ankle boots. I pretty much broke a fashion rule with the wedge ankle booties, because apparently tiny girls can’t rock a thick shoe due to our tiny calf, but I still went for it because I love this boot. I bought this boot in Sapatos at @JoinaCityZW, and I love it for its classic black colour and the fabric detail in the front and extra points on its comfort.

For Sunday’s look I paired the boots with the print midi skirt, nude blouse and caramel-inspired (brown) blazer finished off with a Mr Price woven belt. Sunglasses are from a FAIRLADY issue back in November 2013. The boots were a part of my Winter Preparation kit, where I acquired myself with three distinct and must have pieces this winter; the statement coat, knit scarf and ankle boots. Now we all know Sapatos Footwear and Luggage is a part of the Signature Toscie fam (big fan we are), and it’s exciting to note that Sapatos in collaboration with “With Love Foundation” are bringing you Fashion Forward ZW. One winter night of a fashion show at @JoinaCityZW on Saturday 5 July 2014, which launches my good friend Blaque Excellence’s S/S 2014 collection. Tickets start at $20, for any more information do contact @Fashion4wardZW or

Now as noted, this blogpost is entirely about #MyWeekendEnsemble, which is another good inspiration to help you rock print skirts this winter. Yes, the weather is taking a turn for the cold in Harare.

With that said, I leave you with pictures of my weekend look.

Yours in New booties and Vintage prints!

Tendai Sophia!


  1. lovie...the look works soooooooo well without the blazer, with the blazer it feels a bit "mumsy"

    1. Thank you. The jacket was a later addition to keep warm because if my memory serves me well, it was abit chilly that morning. So i chose the jacket to match with the brown leaves on the skirt. Thanks for reading :).

  2. The midi skirt is perfect and those boots are beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Those boots are lovely and comfortable.