Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fashion-able February

Welcoming you to the month of February! I have been busily working on my project for my final year and I must say it is exciting with some also good ol' hard work. I have quite a few plans for the month of February, and to kick it off I will do a small blogpost on the fabulous fashions of rising Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o. She is humble, beautiful, Kenyan and above all is a serious breath of fresh air to the fashion scene.

Next is another Designer Interview slated for February. Yes, I will have another sit down with a local emerging designer (still deciding on who) and learn what makes them tick! I fully want to embrace our local talent, especially the up and coming individuals who have a fresh zest and bountiful excitement for Fashion.

I will also continue with my Signature manner-isms of sharing some of the Fashion(s) from yours truly's closet as well as styling tips! I really enjoy the packing, co-ordination and the little details in clothing, so much so that I slated my little hobby The GLAM Project that I will try to bring to you every month with its own segment on the blog.

The Fashion Calendar in Harare for 2014 is already up and moving with a few events lined up this February. My safest bet is I will try and attend some of them and share a good post with you on the blog; so as to give you an insight of what goes on in Harare's growing Fashion scene. Other than that, February is the month of Love, and what better way to celebrate it than wear Red, White and Black! If not, then Chocolate is always good for the soul! :) 

Until then, Celebrate Y.O.U

Yours in Glamour,
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