Monday, 24 September 2012

Harare Street Trend: The (Hair) Bun Story

I’m always talking about fashion and the latest looks that I admire but today I focus my attention on Hair, specifically the infamous hair bun which is synonymous with ballerinas and is probably one of my favourite hairstyles as it is sleek and sophisticated with any look whether formal or casual. The significance of this hairstyle to me is the young ladies rocking this hairstyle in Harare with fun braids for the spring as well as the lovely Ms. Keyshia Cole owning it in her latest video with Lil' Wayne. There are so many cool and fun ways to tie your bun that I had to experiment with my new braids, and let’s just say I was very pleased with the results.
My Version of the Ballerina Bun

Solange Knowles in box braids tied into a bun.

My Homemade Tutorial:
My bun was homemade so here it goes;
1.       what I did was tie my braids up with my head held low
2.       Pulled them up to the middle and tied with a small black scrunchie into a ponytail.
3.       Next I parted my ponytail in the middle to make them into two parts
4.       Next I twisted them right round the holding black scrunchie towards the same direction until they made a nice cushy bun
5.       Then I took another black scrunchie and placed it right over the bun to hold it down nice and neatly.
Either that or you can check out thebeautydepartment version for another tutorial to creating a ballerina bun.
My Bun inspiration thanks to Keyshia Cole

It also seems as if the bigger the hair bun, the better!

Bigger bun version with braids by model Eva Marcille.
Stay gorg and Glam,

*Updated 26 February 2014*

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