Monday, 24 June 2013

My Winter Essentials

I’m your typical winter baby born right in the middle of the cold season, and I’m always superstoked because I love to embrace the season. It may be cold and chilly but some of the few things I love to do is stay indoors and watch lots of movies, drink hot chocolate and a good ol’ cup of tea with lots of warm toast; and occasionally have me a glass of red wine (I’m not an alcoholic beverage fan but a good glass is good for you!).

So I’ve decided to share some of the pieces I love about winter. Its not a lot, but it’s the occasional fashion/beauty little things that I like to embrace, considering winter is cold and its at times super difficult to dress up and look good as well try to be comfortable.

Knits/Sweaters and Pullover Jerseys
Its no secret that I’m obsessed with knits, that are pullover jerseys, knit jerseys, cable knit jerseys and anything that is thick, wollen and knitted! You wont find any coats in my closet as I love to embrace knitwear and winter is my vessel to do that in. I own quite a few knits in different colours, sizes and shapes but with particular reference to the colour blue. I stick to this colour because I love dark hues and I’ve also noticed that the colour works well with my complexion.

Some of my pullover knits. I love these because they are casual, chic and fun to wear. I love all of them that i cant choose one.
Some of my cable knit jerseys

My Inspiration comes from Cosmopolitan SA's lookbook spread on sweaters for May 2013 and June 2012. Be inspired to take a cue guys!

With every lady I spot in Harare is rocking a pea coat or structured coat, I would like to encourage local fashionistas not to shy away from knits (as they are not only for your stylish grandma but can be modern too). By playing around with them and making them chic or quirky with shorts or a pencil skirt and daring with long flared denim and a round-toed boot. My secret is to just have fun with them and be warm.

Simple Beauty
I’m no make-up marvel but I do take particular attention to my skin in the winter to keep it moisturized and glowing. I keep my regimen all natural, simple, effective, fuss free, and good to my skin because I’ve super dry skin. A quick moisture package is to add either honey, rosemary oil, olive oil, brown sugar and coconut milk to your warm bath water (all of these ingredients are  also great for your hair). I personally like honey and coconut oil to my bath.

One of the things I’m also very particular about are my lips. The first thing anyone looks at when they greet you is your smile so I pack on the moisture on my lips. I stick to three lipglosses with Revlon’s gloss being my favourite, just to add an extra shine to my chaps (in the normal summer season I think to one lipgloss and my Vaseline). No dry chaps I say because the harsh cold does no good to the lips. Keep them kissable!

My 3 magic wands for my lips. I mix and match all three for something kissable. The vaseline is backup.

So this was just a small look at some of the little details I like to add on to my “winter feel-good package”. Its not much but its what keeps me going and surviving. 

Any suggestions, comments and ideas are most welcome to share your winter essentials so as to add on to the list and keep it growing.

Stay Gorg and Glam,

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