Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Signature Look Scarves

I can safely say I declare myself scarf obsessed! My very first feature on my blog was on a new scarf I just bought so I can honestly  say that  I cannot imagine  life or my look without them as they are the definition of an ultimate accessory to me that rules my number two spot right after denim. So I decided I’m gonna delve a little deeper into “my little obsession” and share some of my looks. After all it is winter and the perfect season to bring them out in full Swing! There are so many different types of scarves; from floral, animal print, mono-colour (one bold colour), pashmina, wool and cashmere.  So many different types with so many different styles to rock with, here are just a few of them (from my closet of course). Enjoy.....
Stay Gorg and Glam
This Animal Print Scarf is my Fave right now. I'm taking it in and around Harare

At times i like to match. A Gold scarf with a beige cardi or try a Blazer in the same colour.

Be Creative. Colour-Blocking Pink and Blue

A little Edgy with the printed Handkerchief

Don't limit youself to a scarf around your neck but play with your Hair. Have some fun.

No Limitations. Accessorize with your purse. A Feminine Touch
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  1. I am scarf-obsessed too and I must say you and I have a similar scarf trend, but I learnt one or two things from this blog post which I didnt know before. I LOVE the matching your scarf with your blazer/cardigan of the same colour! And if I was a handbag type of girl I would totally do the scarf on my handbag. I love to wear scarves on my head too...Thanx GD!

    1. Your welcome B! I'm more than honoured that you like it :) Thank you for sharing my vision.

  2. i love your blog and im so excited to finally find fellow Zimbabwean bloggers.However Im failing to subcribe...a little help please *hides*


    1. Fabulously Pink thank you soo much for your support. I'm actually working on an email subscription, so please be patient and also keep checking! Thank you hun! Stay gorgeous :)