Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Harare Street Trend: That Hat!

Trilby at Joina City's Kickstart
I’ve been showing so much love towards women’s fashion on my blog but today my attention is on a masculine piece of fashion which I honestly feel is the quintessential accessory. Show some love to the Trilby; I love the masculinity attached to the Trilby/Felt Hat which can also be androgynous at the same time. It’s so trendy without too much effort to it. I feel it’s a plus-factor accessory for the girls as you can wear it with a Maxi Dress in the summer or look sophisticated in winter with a cute overcoat, jeans and ankle boot! I recently purchased my own Trilby after having fallen in LOVE with it in the Mr. Price SA 2012 winter catalogues. It’s so versatile and stylish at the same time as it works both in summer and winter.  I’ve actually spotted it on quite a few guys in H-Town recently (sorry, no pics though).

Stay Gorg and Glam
Ladies Trilby at Kickstart
Men's Trilby also at Kickstart
Hats! Hats! Hats! at Revelations Eastgate Mall
These I saw at a store at Sam Levy Village
My Black Trilby
Love this Hat!
Can you say QUINTessential piece...

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