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Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ) 2013 Inaugural Gala

On Saturday 2 November 2013, Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe took place at the Glass House at the Borrowdale racecourse. Now for some of you who don’t know, Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe was initially a weekend festival over a two day weekend event, but turned into an evening gala to introduce the official Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe (FWZ) festival for 2014. With the theme; Fashion, Food and Music, FWZ was setting a high fashion/event pace for itself, and I must say it lived up to its expectations. The event was everything glitz and glamour from the opening performance to the time I left. Everything went off on a high note with no slip-ups in sight! I, for one applied for a Media form so I got a pretty good back view of the full glass house from the media table/bench. Scanning from the outside view to where I parked the car, to the side view of the mini island/pond out on the front door and to the front stage where our lovely hosts @RuvhiPari (Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and @LochNation (Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya) from ZiFM Stereo graced out evening. Our hosts were dressed by Cotton Seed Couture for Ruvhi and Maita Marimo for Lo, with their jewellery both by The Ndau Collection and make up by the Black Opal team (I need to give these guys a visit sometime).

Lochnation, one of our hosts for the evenig. Unfortunately she had to step down as she wasn't feeling too well. Poor girl lost her voice. Later in the evening @MboMahocs of Deck Magazine stepped in to replace Lo.
@RuvhiPari did a fab job as our host for the greater part of the evening. She definitely worked the room.
Backstage, the Black Opal team doing make up for our hosts and the models.
The décor was just BEAUTIFUL! With delicate draping of the fabric from the ceiling, finished off with a massive crystal looking chandelier and run lights complimenting the drapes. A touch of green accent was on the dining chairs which comprised of sheer green fabric; to keep to the theme. The tables were adorned by mini-chandeliers as the centre piece with FWZ mini-gift bags scattered over. If I can recall, the décor was by the Little Décor company (will need to double check on this). Oh..! and how can I forget our guests who were dressed to the nines! Some of which included sponsors from the Culture Fund, former Miss Zimbabwe Vanessa Sibanda and her hub, DanTs Media and owners of JEWEL magazine Daniel and Tsitsi Mutendi with songstress Ammara Brown; just to name a few.

Mini-chandeliers as the centre piece. My apologies for the poor picture quality.
The big chandelier in the centre of the room.
Just outside by the pond area was the Designer Capsule which consisted brands of Timeless Beauty Spa/Rungano Rwedu, Diva’s Secrets, Lady Targaryen and Ndeipi Zvirisesei urban wear with their tees and caps. Back inside, the dinner looked just scrumptious from where I was, with a full buffet and champagne flowing courtesy of Alliance Francaise de Harare. The cash bar was right in corner from where we were seated. Unfortunately no dinner was served for the media table.

Our media table/bench and the cash bar in the background
The evening’s opening act was by the gentlemen of High Definition who gave such a stellar performance. They initially came out modelling and I thought the show had already started but to my surprise, the three young men broke into dance right in the middle of the room! It was just too cool! The fashion show went on to be opened by Sabina Mutsvati with her very bold and unusual collection, which I have to say, was put well together. The theme of Sabina’s collection matched with the background recital of Cheukwa by @RuTendoDeNise.

Two of Sabina Mutsvati's creations backstage
By Sabina Mutsvati
There was soo much going on that evening that I’m sure to leave out a few details. But, on nights like these, I like to share a little more detail, so its always signatory that I break down this event into three parts (as I did for Zimbabwe Fashion Week), to let you in on the experience. This covered just the general atmosphere of that evening, next up I focus on the Emerging Designer’s collections and what I learnt from the guys by the media table.

Myself and @MboMahocs, thinking about doing something to my little fro'. Its about time.
Miss Mbo Mahocs dresses by Ganu Creations. We had one fashion thing in common; we were both rocking circle skirts that evening. Mine was from Zim Fashion Week with a little added twist.   
My sister and Ammara Brown backstage.
My pass was a green tape around my arm
What's a fashion gala without glitzy clutches? Guess which one is mine...
Back in A bit…

Stay Gorg and Glam,


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