Monday, 11 November 2013

Lessons Learnt From FWZ 2013

So, Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2013 has come and gone. The event had been a popular fixture on social media for months leading up to the actual event. I, for one, was glad that i attended the gala, as i learn a lot from these events and apply my knowledge for future reference. So, what did i learn from attending FWZ that evening? Well, other than meeting the lads and a few ladies by the media table; i took a few cues from their photography as well as some of the things mentioned below;

What To Wear?
The venue for the gala was at Borrowdale Race Course, with the open air and a pond just outside the entrance. As anyone would know, it gets a bit chilly in the evening during the rainy season and that evening was no exception. It was windy and chilly and anyone who wasn't expecting this sort of weather got goosebumps! Lucky for me i had a blazer jacket on; not something that i had planned to wear but i'm sensitive to any cold really. So, for evening outings like these i would suggest carrying a chic blazer jacket; one that is your personal staple and one that also works around all your clothes. Another tip is a bodycon dress, preferably one with long sleeves. Why i say this? The bodycon dress hugs your figure keeping you snug and warm; further more it is more stylish with one solid colour or just two contrasting colours as the print. But i would suggest it be a Little Black Dress (LBD), as worn by Zim Fashionista's assistant that evening. But be reminded to wear what suits YOU best, after all the function was all indoors, so the activity within the room does create some heat.

And The Shoes?
Since i was media, i was up and down a lot that evening! And the my choice of shoes didn't work with my constant movement. I give tops to my sister for wearing wedge heels that evening because she was effortless and comfortable. "Comfort is key" on such an evening especially if you know you are like me and want to take pictures and interview models, you will be on your feet the whole night. The lesson i learnt is to wear a wedge heel or a closed pretty court shoe to balance out your strut and to keep it neat! I don't know how many times my heel sunk into the mud that evening and got caught in the gravel whilst walking. Lets just say i sprained my little knee by the time 11pm came around. So high heels and peep toe sandals are a no go for me for outside evening functions.

What about the pictures?
If you are like me and appreciate good, if not great photography AND further like photos taken by yourself; then invest in a camera! I really enjoy taking photos, its no secret that i push myself to take something different and from my own point of view, and then i describe to you, whether through my blog, twitter, facebook or even word of mouth. I believe a picture says a thousand words. So, for that evening i didn't have a camera; but that didn't stop me from taking pictures (silly me because i should have thought twice about this). The only problem is they were taken by my cellphone (which has had better days, but now its telling me otherwise). So you can imagine my frustration when 60% if not 75% of my photos came out unsatisfactory and not up to the standards i require myself for my blog. What i learned that evening was from the media table; YOU CAN'T USE YOUR PHONE TO TAKE PICTURES! Why i say this? The lighting that evening was a bit dim and further switched between dark and light when the models came in or when the hosts came in. During that time you spent a bit amount of minutes trying to switch your phone camera settings to suit the lighting so that your photo comes out right! Its a lot of hustle and bustle and only further disappoints you and wastes your time because you miss every shot! My advice is rather invest in a digital camera or a trusted tablet such as an ipad or galaxy tab to take your photos.

From the media bench
And don't forget your make-up!
It really wasn't hot that evening to say you needed touch ups or your makeup was melting off. But what i did notice is that a lot of the ladies make-up was glowing (including the models); kind of a shiny look going on. I'm not so much of a make up marvel but i did take note of this and want to inquire on how they do it. My lesson learnt here is keep your make-up glowy and subtle for an evening event. Nothing too overdone, because trust me the lighting and the camera can actually show your make-up in the photos. I trust that the Black Opal Team did a fab job on the models and the hosts.

From my opinion, I think FWZ lived up to its notion of Fashion, Food and Music fiesta. The fashion to begin with was something new, which were our emerging designers who were given a centre stage to launch themselves. The Food was catered for by a chefs who created a full buffet from start to finish. The Music was definitely on point, with two local artists being Audius Mutawarira and Shingi Mangoma, with our opening act courtesy of the dance group High Definition. 

Although the tickets were above reach for many (US$65 for general entry and US$75 for VIP which included a pre-cocktail gathering, the after party and the goodie bag that had a piece from The Ndau Collection); the experience was something to indulge in and one that i learned ALOT from. I'm pretty sure i left out a few details, but as mentioned from my first post; so much was going on that evening and one can only take in so much.

Here's to Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe 2014.

Yours truly in Glamour...

Stay Gorg and Glam,

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