Thursday, 7 November 2013

FWZ 2013 Emerging Designers

Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe was mainly focused on the Emerging Designers who were the highlight of the evening. The young designers had undergone an intense mentorship during the course of three months to prepare for the finale held on Saturday. Initially the Emerging Designers were a Top 8 group but later downsized to Top 6 as designing duo Thelma Chindabata and Yvonne Feresu who were St. Dominic’s A level students, had to step down. The designers’ collections were a breath of fresh air that evening, consisting of a lot of brand new designs as well as introducing themselves to the fashion market of Zimbabwe. Our emerging designers that evening were (in order of appearance):

  1. Edmond Chikumbirike
  2. Natasha Theresa Kagoro
  3. Samantha Dika
  4. Nyasha Nhutsve
  5. Samantha Natasha Matemadombo
  6. Tanya Mushayi
Out of all the designers, I’m glad to say I have managed to foster a pretty good friendship with Natasha Kagoro, Nyasha Nhutsve and Samantha Matemadombo. I’m still to acquaint myself with Edmond, Samantha D and Tanya Mushayi; hopefully in the new future.

Edmond Chikumbirike of House of Azalion
Tafadzwa Edmond Chikumbirike of House of Azalion was the only male finalist who showcased a feminine collection that consisted of long maxi dresses in prints and one with a solid grey, finished off with a scarf as an accessory. The fitting around his dresses were lose but yet functional, if you want your dress flowing with the wind and not to snug on your skin, then this collection is for you.

Natasha Kagoro of Black Excellence
Natasha’s collection for Black Excellence was second up that evening. This collection was for the modern young woman who likes to keep it up-to-trend but yet still sophisticated. Natasha’s collection was characterised by the colour blue! With a blue off the shoulder blouse paired with cigarette pants, a full blue ensemble that had a one shouldered blouse and shorts to match. My favourite things from this collection was the circle skirt and modern powersuit modelled by Chipo. This suit was a green blouse with high waisted brown pants; focus being on the blouse because it had well planned out beaded detail at the back.

My favourite ensemble modelled by Chipo
Samantha Dika of Esdea Couture
Samantha Dika and Nyasha Nhutsve had one thing in common; their colour palette for their collections was black and white! This I loved because I think they both incorporated the monochrome trend (of black and white) in their own signature manner. Samantha’s collection stood out with the zebra print detail fused into her collection. I further liked that she had a man’s ensemble in her collection, with a zebra print tie and detail on the gentleman’s waistcoat. Samantha Dika is also a double-threat, being both a designer and a model.

Nyasha Nhutsve of Nhembe Aleth
Nyasha Nhutsve’s collection was all white. It was seriously feminine with all white dresses (in fashion acronym it is the LWD). Her dresses had Victorian-inspired sleeves and an African print detail of little san people with drums. Her collection was seriously on point and perfect for the sophisticated woman that has an appreciation for beautiful form fitting dresses. For those of you who don’t know, Nyasha scooped an award at the Clothing Indaba 2013 held early this year in June in Borrowdale.

Samantha Natasha Matemadombo of Identite Noire
Identite Noire is literally Black Identity when translated into French. Samantha’s collection was literally a fusion of art brought into life. Her collection was seriously African but with an artistic modern edge added to it. The defining factor of her clothing was the back view of a North African mask in the centre which was adorned with beads connected to the garment. It was just aw-sight-awesomeness. This girl really put thought and preparation into her garments. To finish off her collection, she came out in her own design which was a cute mixed print circle skirt with a matching buttoned up sleeveless blouse.

Tanya Mushayi of Tanya Nerfetari
I have heard soo much about Tanya from blogs and social media but I hadn’t known who she really was. I even follow her on Twitter just to get to know her better. As a designer, Tanya has been around for quite a bit, having dressed a few local personalities including Tehn Diamond. Now Tanya’s collection was the last out of all 6 but was worth the wait. Her collection was a 60s mod inspiration with an incorporation of an African princess-ism. Why I say so; there were two dresses with a black and white checkerboard print with one that had a side slit. The interpretation of the modern African princess was in two creations that both were pants and a matching bodice, kind of an androgynous feel to fashion. I quite liked the prints on both her ensembles.

Deepest apologies for my poor quality photos

Tanya Mushayi with a model wearing her designs.
So there were have it! Our six emerging designers. Later in the evening Samantha Matemadombo was named the FWZ 2013 emerging designer, which was probably a tough decision since all the designers did such a phenomenal job, even I myself was impressed. All the models shoes’ were courtesy of Shoe Sensations and their make up by the Black Opal Team. Now since my photos were not up to my varied standard, I have opted to share my illustrations through photos by Tnash Photography. Below are some of my photos from the backstage action where you can spot Shamiso Ruzvidzo (@ShamisoRuze) in action.

Samantha Matemadombo and Samantha Dika both wearing their designs.

Shamiso Ruzvidzo at work. 

The models' footwear was from Shoe Sensations.
Once again a phenomenal show that Shamiso Ruzvidzo put together, especially for a first timer and for such a big event. I hope for it to be bigger and better in 2014. Next up will be lessons learnt from FWZ 2013, mainly what not to do and what to expect at the media table.

Stay Gorg and Glam,