Friday, 28 June 2013

Shortening It Out!

So one of the things i love to do every few months is to do a blogpost on my hair and showcase the latest hairstyle I would be rocking. My hair is my vessel that i constantly switch up, change and play with. My favourite post so far has been My CuteLittle Pixie Cut that I did back in March. It was the first time I had cut my hair in 14 years! And to be honest since then, I have fallen in love with short hair. It’s fun, quirky, liberating and unique, because most women aren’t keen on going short; it’s either a preference to a weave or braids. So I was inspired to showcase a little about short hair on my blog; since it’s the new look I’m rocking right now, as well as emulate local women with short ‘dos.

What I adore about short hair is that it’s fuss-free, different, neat, versatile and pocket-friendly (I will not lie, I’ve saved a lot of money since having cut my hair). I also believe that all you need to do with short hair is to find a look that works best with your personality, your look and your lifestyle as well as loads of confidence, just so you can stand out. I for example, have a little edge which is why I opted for a fun pixie cut earlier on in the year. 

So as daunting as it is to chop off all your hair and go short, there are actually so many cool ways to make it work for you. Some of them include keeping it natural a la Mrs Tsitsi Mutendi of JEWEL mag, there’s the s-curl (mind my spelling) that Miss Pokello does so well (this girl is fierce because I’ve only ever seen her in short hair and at some point in 2010/2011 she had a pixie going on), there’s the red dye look that Miss Makosi did so well and looks lovely on her; and last but not least there’s Harare Mbama’s Angie who rocks a bald head so well, it almost looks and feels natural.

Furthermore I’ve only spotted two hair salons in Harare so far that do a great job in catering for ladies short hair; that is Scandals hair salon by the Travel Plaza and Divine Touch Hair salon at Sam Levy Village (nothing beats having your hair done by a guy; they are really good and super neat and tops to the fact that they cater to the customer’s needs!).

So whichever way you wanna go, either short locks, natural, s-curl, dye/tint or bald, there’s actually quite a lot of short hairstyles to choose from. I mean if Solange Knowles can cut her hair, then why cant you, besides you have the opportunity to start over and experiment and grow it back too!

And a quick fashion tip is to incorporate a lot of headgear especially during this winter season in the likes of hats such as felt hats, fedoras and trilbys; scarves are also a really great alternative to style your head and keep warm, invest in a doek (via and or a turban. Read on here for The Turban Movement to get inspired.

Another quick hair tip I like to do is to wash my hair and condition it with either Dark and Lovely Moisture Seal Deep Conditioner or Luster’s Pink Hot oil treatment, so as to just get rid of dandruff and it promotes a little shine and healthy growth.

My hair is undoubtedly my best accessory and my kaleidoscope playground; right now I’m rocking a short curly ‘do but it’s only a matter of time that I go back to my lovely little pixie cut (when everything around me has settled in a good space).

So don’t be afraid to shy away from the norm and go a little short, besides your hair will always grow back. Take a cue from these fabulous modern local ladies that are rocking short ‘dos:

Harare Mbama
Socialite Makosi

Jewel Editor Tsitsi Mutendi

Moi, in my current 'do. Crazy aint i..
Be bold, be sassy and be fierce!

Stay Gorg and Glam,