Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In My Style Journal: Rihanna

In this month’s segment of In My style journal, I’m focusing on the over the top and overtly charismatic star Miss Rihanna; a lady of many controversies. Now its no lie I’m a fan of Rihanna only because I admire her confidence and her edgy persona that she incorporates in all her fashion looks. Even more so I’m dying to see what her River Island collection for London will look like. I can’t wait for the editorials and advertisements!

So the focus of this post is the many styles Miss RiRi has been pulling out since the onset of 2013. The last 5 months have been abit of a whirlwind on her part but quite frankly to say there have been my favourite looks so far. She has been incorporating a lot of denim and leather in her looks in her own distinct Rihanna fashion (which I like). Although she maybe way to over the top, you can’t sideline the girl for making bold choices in her clothing.
Stay Gorg and Glam,

I learned from a fellow blogger Zanele that this all denim on denim look is called the "canadian tuxedo". I was intrigued by the name.
My favourite look so far. The little mint colour leather skirt with the low unbuttoned blouse. Its safe to say i'll wear this.
Red red lady.
My focus here is on the tangerine looking leather jacket. Such a lovely colour.

I personally really like denim and these pants are just something different. Out of the ordinary.
When i saw this i thought of the 90s with Salt n' Pepper and TLC.
Photos courtesy of The Fashion Bomb.

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