Monday, 27 May 2013

I’m Proudly African

The past weekend on Saturday 25 May, was Africa Day. This year was particularly special because it was the golden jubilee (50 years) of the African Unity (AU) former (OAU). So it was quite exciting and at the same time liberating! I hadn’t thought about writing something for Africa Day but I owe it all to my fave local blogger Miss Robyn who wrote a lovely piece on Saturday. I loved her piece so much that I was more than inspired to write something of my own. It got me thinking about so much more about Africa that most of our young generation isn’t very proud of nor knowledged about. Sure, we may not be in the forefront of the massive globalization but have you stopped to realize just how cool we are?

First and foremost we are the only continent with a diversity of people, culture and languages all 54 countries! Secondly I actually think us Africans are creative when you equate our different cultures to fashion! Our different ethnic groups and cultures have a designated cultural/traditional dress that sets us part from our fellow countrymen. Case in point is the African attire that has West African origins from Ghana and Nigeria. Our Ndebele from here in the south who rock a mean pack of colourful beads and up North we have the Egyptians who are world renowned for their exquisite history and fine textiles of silk and gold. There is so much to be Proudly African about that you just need to see the bigger picture!

Now unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to celebrate Africa Day (I’m in the middle of exam preparation) but my younger sister did. They had an African themed celebration at school and this was her African attire of choice:

Now, there is so much to love about Africa and to learn about. So here are my top 5 favourite locations in Africa. I havent’ really travelled a lot especially outside Southern Africa, so here is just a list of some of the places I’ve been to in my lifetime:

The Republic of Botswana is literally my second home. Most people don’t know this but I grew up there. I did my primary education and the first two years of high school in Gaborone. This is where I first learned French from a Congolese teacher called Mr. Samy. I moved back to Zimbabwe in 2005 just before I turned 15. I call this my second home because all of my fondest memories are based there. Some day I plan to go back, just to visit :)

Aerial View of Gaborone

Gamecity Mall. My weekends were characteristic of this.

2.Victoria Falls
I went to Vic Falls for the first time in 2002! And lemme just say it was awesome! I was quite young but I’ll never forget the scenery of the waterfall and the statue of David Livingstone, not forgetting the sunset boat rides over looking Zambia.

3.Swakopmund, Namibia
In one word; Namibia was Divine. I remember going there on the long Heroes/Defence Forces weekend in August (cant remember the year) with the fam. I love to travel and so road trips are my thing (literally). Namibia was my favourite place because I got to see the beach for the first time in Swakopmund. It was the best thing ever because I was young and excited to see a massive body of water with lots of boats hanging around the harbour and the sleeping seals.

I remember Swakopmund looked like a quinty little town
My first trip to Joburg was in December 2010. I had only known joburg from the TV and from friends who would travel there back and forth, so when I went there in ’10 I was beyond thrilled. Of course I was jittery in the bus but the early morning view of Joburg city at 8am took my breath away. I fell in love with the hugeness of Joburg just when your coming in from Pretoria (those who have been there know what I’m talking about). I saw Joburg as Southern Africa’s fashion capital because I had seen more malls and clothing than I did back home. Furthermore the people are so confident, they are comfortable in their own skin and their fashion and I admired that.

This is literally The fashion hub of Southern Africa

I’m inlove with this city, I’m. I’m learning so much about Harare and what’s even great is that we’re growing in terms of fashion. When I envision Harare in 10 years we’ll be massive if we keep up our pace and dedication. My obvious favorite place in Harare is Sam Levy Village (yes, the mall) and my suburb is Mount Pleasant (I love MP). I would like to think of myself as a “Harare Fashionista”, it’s crazy but possible. I wont lie, when I came back home (at 15) I was abit unsure but now I know where my heart is. I might go to Paris some day, but somehow home is best. There is so much potential here, you can feel it in the aroma :)

The Village
In a nutshell Africa is my home and I cant imagine it any other way. There are so many beautiful things to look into and to look at such as our serene locations, our beautiful people, our variety of tribes, our selection in divine food and our growing economies. In celebration I’m looking at Africa as a potential, as a diamond. And we’re only still just shining.

In my own distinct manner, I’M PROUDLY AFRICAN!

Stay Gorg and Glam,


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