Friday, 17 May 2013

Happy One Year Birthday to ST!

On Friday 18 may 2012, my baby blog ST was born. Initially the name was GlamDoll Domination, but after much googling and a lot more research done, GlamDoll was way too popular a word than I thought and so I had to change it. From the onset I wanted something original; something that stood out. So I thought, why not “Toscie”! Toscie is my nickname (hence Tosca) and I have always tried to apply what I know in style and fashion into reality and make it my own (hence Signature). And from there Signature Toscie is what my blog became.
Fashion and writing are the two things that I love (add magazine editorials and online beauty/lifestyle websites and it’s a whole new combination). As a little girl I always kept a diary to write all my crazy thoughts into, right into my teenagehood. Only now in my 20s have I stopped keeping journals hence I treat my blog like my fashion diary that is; from the things I love to the things I get up to, I share it all on my blog in my own Signature manner.
Can you believe my first blog post was about a brand new grey pashmina that I had bought at the time for $3 in downtown Copacabana. I remember being so excited to share only simply because I didn’t know what to write but I went with it anyway! And now a year later my baby has grown into something more than I could imagine. With all the love and support from friends, family to people I didn’t even know that I have made new friends with just through my blog. Heck I’ve attended a few local fashion events here and there. Although I’ve had my fair share of criticism, I don’t really think that should stop you, you will always find someone that doesn’t like you, its basic physics of human nature.
My first blog photo!It was about that scarf around my neck. Since then on, my style has evolved so much, with ups and downs. I've been experimenting alot with fashion and my hair as well (and now i'm bald! Can you believe it?!)
Now even though today is the 17th of May, I thought what not better way than to start celebrating and make it a mini birthday weekend (in other words I’m a little too over excited of this achievement).
In my gut I feel this is only just the beginning for ST. I have got so many crazy yet exciting ideas brewing in my head, it’s a matter of how I execute them. So to all of our awesomeness, lets raise our glasses and wish Signature Toscie a BIG HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!
Here’s to another year of more FIERCEness, GORGEOUSness and GLAMOUROUSness!!
Stay Gorg and Glam

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