Monday, 25 March 2013

Everything happens for a Reason!

"Everything happens for a reason", this is what my cousin told me when i let her know i had been released from my fashion job last week. She is undoubtedbly one of my biggest supporters for my blog and my work. Its fortunate or unfortunate to say i'm no longer working for Zim Fashionista/Runway Productions due to irreconciliable differences. I was officially released last week (on a Monday, my fave day of the week), but needless to say i'm more than proud of the decision made. I only worked for Runway Productions for just two months, but i learned quite alot about this fashion industry i admire, and in the words of a fellow blogger; i took what i learned and ran with it! Although my goals and perspectives were far beyond what my former boss had in mind, i will say i learned alot from her, especially towards the formal wear department. My look is typically quirky, fun, modern with a dash of feminism, but my boss lady rocked a dress and heels everyday! Something that i learned from her and will take with me, because dresses and heels only exist on a Sunday for me! Furthermore i appreciate her stamina and hardworking persona, we might have gone separate ways but i truly admire her work and would more than love to one day collaborate with her in the future (I'm not one who hold grunges, i'm too thankful for that; Tendai). My journey has only just begun, and this was something that probably wasn't meant for me from the start because i will admit the environment was abit something i wasn't used to (i actually talk too much so sometimes i cant help crack a joke but in this case i was more quite and demure).

"Everything happens for a reason" and my journey with Runway Productions was another path i took in my road to GD Domination.

Stay gorg and glam,

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