Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Harare Street Trend: Blazer On!

So every on-trend fashionista right now has a blazer jacket (including myself). The Blazer Jacket has been a fashion trend since 2009, and made-oh-so-popular by the Kardashian Ladies and their popular reality show. The Blazer on its own oozes elegance and sophistication and adds that finishing touch to any outfit ,which makes it a definite staple piece in any Lady’s closet. 

On a global scale the Fabulous Blazer jacket (or jacket within itself) has been around for quite a while now, dating back to the 1950s where the first ladies jacket was epitomised. But, just recently, it's starting to make a serious impact on the streets of Harare. I got my first Blazer back in 2010, black one to be exact, so I’m pretty excited that young ladies in Harare are jumping on the trend wagon. My prediction is that the Blazer Jacket will be a definite big hit this Spring/Summer 2012 in all if not most Harare hotspots, and a few more seasons to come of course!

As always....

Stay Gorg and Glam

This is a young lady i spotted in the city. I stopped her just to snap her orange Blazer! A Dash of Colour!

I spotted this Fab grey blazer at Against All Odds at Joina City (by the way there's a Sale at the Store)

I saw this Striped piece at Hip Hop Flavour at Copacabana
This nude Blazer is too die for! its just elegance at its best! Courtesy of
Kourtney Kardashian in a variety of Blazer looks to inspire. I'm sure its safe to say the Kardashian Ladies magnified the trend with their reality show.
Photo; Internet sourced.

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