Thursday, 18 December 2014

Yellow Mellow

On any given sunny day, this dress makes for a perfect pairing with its cut just above the knee length and that bold-tastic print! 2014 was a year of print in Toscie’s Closet and this casual shift dress was a go-to favourite on a good day to run errands. Although I have a very fond attachment to this dress, I must admit there was a time I despised the colour yellow and the thought of buying, let alone owning a piece in this colour was my personal closet’s sin. Fast forward to 2013 I purchased this dress because I admired its versatility and that the print within itself caught my attention from the shop window. The diamond cut detail and its eye catching colour made this dress THAT dress that finished off my college years, because on a busy day it was soo easy to wear and yet still stylish for a long day.

A few weeks back I took out my “yellow mellow” shift dress and paired it with MRP Fashion accessories from head to toe. I always admire a good statement neckpiece so when I came across this thick chain neckpiece by MRP in town, I knew my purchase was inevitable because it just so happens that I was shifting my attention to chainlink accessories for the summer. Part of the inspiration for my purchase came from Dee Kaw Zee’s thick chain neckpiece that was fused with print fabric to create something unique (which you can find in the current summer issue of INDUNA Magazine).

Everything else in this look pretty much falls into place, with accessories centred around the dress; a chainlink bracelet and matching yellow watch. MRP stud clutch from 2010 with bow detail sandals that have a pinch of gold (or yellow in this case) on the buckle and the bow. I believe when creating an ensemble it really comes down to all the details that eventually encompass the whole look! It’s the finer and simpler details that make the most impact; see how the silver studs on my clutch pick up the silver/grey tone of the thick chain neckpiece? Those little details I take into consideration.

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