Thursday, 18 December 2014

Signature Toscie LOVES...

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and restructuring as of late, trying to synchronize the blog under just one label with Signature Toscie. I always have a tonne of ideas that jump and constantly pop out of my head, that in most cases I just want to apply the idea right there and then! Looking back at#TheGLAMProject and #LocalLovelyFlavour, which I’ve relabelled to ‘Signature Toscie Styling’ and ‘Love This Label’ respectively so that it doesn’t confuse me nor you the reader. I feel more inspired by my growth and maturity that I feel synchronizing the blog in one direction, under one label will make a lot more sense and for a much easier navigation. So Signature Toscie LOVES is a new label that has replaced the trends section on the blog. ST LOVES will become a one label and header that will cover all the current trends that I’ve discovered in Harare and on the global front. 

For this edition of Signature Toscie LOVES I cover five trends that I’m currently coveting over at the moment: the boyfriend denim, thick chain accessories, sleeveless blazer, delicate necklaces and jumpsuit.

1.Boyfriend Denim
Boyfriend denim is the quintessential pair of jeans that have replaced skinny jeans. They are relaxed, with a loose fitting and can have an extra distressed finish. Rocked with a pair of heels, structured blazer and a tote, boyfriend jeans can be chic with an allure of glamour for a smart casual event. For a much more relaxed look, take boyfriend denim with a pair of sleek trainers and a sweater. 
Boyfriend Denim rocked by Ashleigh of The Dailegh.
2.Thick Chain Accessories
Thick chains can be classy and muted in a stylish way. They can also be worn with a formal ensemble, casual and/or edgy with thick silver chains. Usually come in the form of a neckchain or bracelet, thick chains can also be layered with other accessories, to give a chunkier and bolder look, to create a massive arm candy. I love this thick chain accessory by Dee Kaw Zee jewellery in the Summer Edition of INDUNA Magazine. Also check out accessory boutiques in Harare such as Bling Bling, Glamourize (in Avondale and Arundel Village) as well as Sassy & Chic along Cameron street. 

Snippet from INDUNA Magazine.
3.Sleeveless Blazer 
Something I purely love are blazers, because they are an instant pick-me-up piece of clothing that give a polished finish to an ensemble. When I came across a sleeveless blazer, I was utterly intrigued by the sophistication attached to it. I haven’t come across a sleeveless blazer in Harare yet, but rest assured I will share details if I do. In the mean time, having one tailor made is an alternative route at the moment. 
Crystal Kasper of
4.Delicate Necklaces
These little gems are delicate because of their understated glamour. They can be worn under a blouse or with a deep cut V neck to show off the detail in the charms. They are the perfect summer accessory, when two or three different necklaces are layered together. These gems are on point and super trendy. 

A very stylish closet piece for the summer is a jumpsuit. Long and sleek paired with a clutch and/or a tote OR with heels and/or flats. A jumpsuit is easy breezy and stylish, perfect for just about any occasion. Quite a few boutiques in Harare stock jumpsuits, having spotted Passport boutique at the Village, Wardrobe Mix, Lotus in Joina City and Just Fab along Second Street extension. 
A Navy blue jumpsuit with embellishments at Passport boutique, Sam Levy Village.

Now, which are your top 5 trends in Harare at the moment? Do share!

 Stay Gorgeous! 

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