Tuesday, 30 December 2014

White Turtleneck

The rainy season is a very crucial period in Zimbabwe, not only for the crops and the farming season but because the rains bring with it a much cooler and comfortable aroma, which is a breath of fresh air from the much warmer summer sun. Soo cool that sometimes Hararians mistake it for the cold! I however personally favour the cooler rainy weather. It’s a perfect time to stay in, enjoy some movies or catch up with my many stacks of magazines (old and new) for tonnes of inspiration. Staying in doubles up as a method to steer clear of the rain, in a bid not get wet or caught up in it. Another factor I would like to add is the rainy weather is the perfect time for me to pull out some knits, shrugs and cover-ups that are usually tucked away for the winter. This white turtleneck is one of them, a hand me down from a friend that I purchased for close to nothing! It was one of those free closet raids because she was moving to England and wanted to load off some old clothes (old in her terms, but new in my eyes). It maybe summer, but my winter closet is already underway with this snow white, fine knit turtleneck. I love that it is not too chunky or heavy, but lightweight which means it can work both in summer and winter, as well as the autumn season! I paired the turtleneck with basic blue jeans from Wardrobe Mix, a grey chainlink purse (thrifted), grey thick chain neckpiece from MRP Fashion, nude stud pumps from Jet Zimbabwe and Elle Magazine SA pastel sunglasses from their December 2014 issue. I found this ensemble to be perfect for a rainy Sunday morning to church, just to keep cosy but still styled appropriately for the weather. This post officially introduces you to this white piece of decadence, and I cannot wait to curate some looks to dazzle for the A/W 2015 season. As for now, I will let you devour into this look!

Happy Readings!

Tendai Sophia


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