Monday, 18 August 2014

My Weekend Ensemble - Pink Nostalgia

I have been going through a lot of forgotten pieces in my closet as of late, primarily due to my annual spring cleaning fest where I push all the winter clothing at the back of the closet and push the summer ones forward – for easy accessibility. Whilst doing that I came across my good ol’ blush pink sling purse and pink denims I bought for my birthday when I turned 19! I remember it was just around the time colour blocking was picking up on the international front and Pink was an obvious choice for me. So I went for bright pink denims! I wore these beginning August on a Sunday and decided to stick to two tones – nudes and pink with a nude blouse, scotch jacket (with brown highlights) and of course the blush pink purse topped off with black boots. I’m sure a lot of nostalgia is in order on the blog this coming Summer season as I keep finding pieces that have been tucked away for ages!

I always love a bit of Nostalgia – (something old, something new and something borrowed), in my life because all these pieces have a story behind them resonating at some particular point in time. Goes to show that fashion just runs through my system.

Whilst we are at it, my good friends from Deck Magazine picked up “Is #ZimFashion late on Fashion trends”, in their fashion and style section – another good discussion article that delves into what’s happening on the #ZimFashion arena. What’s a community of fashion without a little debate right? Do sound off and share your thoughts.

All the same, find me on Instagram @tendaitoscie and let’s get snapping!

Stay Gorgeous,

Tendai Sophia.

I'm into these @womanandhome_sa Go Golden sunglasses from their August issue.

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