Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In My Style Journal: Victoria Beckham

"In My Style Journal" is a new monthly article that I wanted to start, showcasing women in the entertainment industry whose fashion and style I admire. I dont want this to be another blog post bombarded with celebrity pictures, but more of an understanding of my personal style and who i'm inspired by.
I love the essence of being a modern, sophisticated 21st century lady with a mixture of the 50s era and a twist of boho-chic. Most of the female celebrities in these posts are individuals who carry a body shape such as my own; which is tall, slim and leggy hence the body of your average model.
I feel fashion is catered for every body type and hence i believe not to squeeze myself where i dont fit.
As Rachel Zoe once said "Its not bad to copy a celebrity-that's what they are there for!

My first ultimate inspiration is non-other than fashion designer, musician, mother and fashionista rolled into one; Victoria Beckham.
I admire VB because from the airport to the red carpet she always looks fabulous. One of the few celebs who stays true to herself and her love for fashion. You cant go wrong with Louboutins and an Hermes tote.

Always stunning and always polished; True Fashion.

Victoria Beckham at her NYFW 2014
In her Signature pose

Little do people know that VB actually started the short hair craze that was later labelled "the Rihanna Cut". I did my research,

Stay Gorg and Glam

*Updated 11 February 2014. I will not take credit for the photos*

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